When It’s Raining His Blessings

When It’s Raining His Blessings
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Oh rain! You know that feeling we get when we look out the window to a nasty, dark and rainy day, blah! There are times when we take this weather and use it to our advantage, like a sleep late-lounge around ¬†weekend day, but mommyhood kind of takes that advantage away. Am I right?! Instead of sleeping in, we are called from the side of our beds to ‘Get up! I am hungry!’ or ‘Mommmaaaa!! I done!’ The later is never any fun when it is coming from my son behind a locked bathroom door. Once we drag ourselves out of the bed, we are then running around trying to contain the wild animals we brought into this world. I use wild animals loosely here…they are our beautiful offspring, but have the behavior of wild animals at times (mine more often than not).

When it rains, it feels as though we are trapped within a cage. This cage has no exit…barred in all directions. We find ourselves inside this cage with the wild animals I mentioned earlier. Being caged with wild animals sounds pretty scary, huh?! In my honest opinion, keeping it real for all of you, it is VERY scary. I am trying to keep my mind from going crazy with all the monkey swinging, kangaroo jumping, parrot squawking and pig messy children. My kids do not do well when the weather itself is not good. Not sure if their something ‘in the air’ that triggers this exaggerated behavior or if it’s just the fact that they themselves know that they are trapped inside with me. Either way, it’s pure craziness!

I start going through my rainy day list of activities, each one lasting approximately 5 minutes before it is old news. Now I know that I should allow them to be ‘bored’ and figure out things to do on their own ( I have read a few things saying it’s good for kids to be bored), but shouldn’t be taken in its entirety with my under age 6 children. Boredom in my house brings about the UGLY. This ugly has an alibi (sorry couldn’t help myself, had that song in my head). It is boredom with kids who are kids. My kids can entertain themselves for just a little bit, but it will soon turn into a disaster. They do much better with a few more structured activities through out the day.

As we switch activities throughout the day, my daughter tells me ‘Why does it have to rain?! I mean, I do not like the rain!’ I can completely agree with her on that one. Then I stop and think about what she had asked me, ‘Why does it have to rain?!’ The science teacher I me starts jumping up and down with both hands raised. I have always been ‘that one’ who eagerly wants to be called on when I absolutely know the right answer. I proceed to tell her that the rain is very important to the Earth, as is drinking water for us. The plants get thirsty just we do. I asked her ‘Can you imagine being in the son all day without a single drop of water?’ She looks at me wide-eyed and responds ‘Nooo.’ I continue telling her that the rain also gives all the other living creatures water…adds water to ponds, lakes, oceans. Water for all the creatures to live in and drink. The rain is very important to all of us. You can actually think of the rain as a blessing.

Blessing. That word gets me every time. When I hear it or say it myself, it is like I have been given a ginormous gift, wrapped in the most ornate gift wrap with the prettiest bow. That is because blessings are just that…gifts from above. Blessings are very unique and special gifts chosen from God for us. Wow! You cannot get a better and more personal gift than that right there. We are surrounded by blessings everyday. It may not seem to be on the most shiny wrapping paper, but it is most definitely present. When I think about the blessings that surround me on that rainy day, many things begin to pop into my mind. Those wild animals are definitely blessings along with every single mess they create. A perfect and beautiful gift from God.

Seeing and hearing the rain is most certainly a blessing as is the dry and cozy house we are running and jumping inside. Then it comes back to that one single question my daughter had asked ‘Why does it have to rain?!’ Watching the rain fall, I see each and every little rain droplet hit the puddles that have formed on the sidewalk outside. Each rain drop is a blessing from above. Each one. Just like the Earth takes advantage of each rain droplet and absorbing it all in, we must do with those blessings that God is constantly pouring down on us. Acknowledge them and accept them with opening arms, and be thankful!

I finally finished answering my daughter’s question, ‘The rain is God’s blessings from above, Ryleigh. A beautiful gift to all of us. Every single plant and creature here on Earth.’

Look for those blessings, through the rain and in every other aspect of your daily life. They are there and be thankful for all those gifts He has chosen you to receive.

The blessings of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. Proverbs 10:22

And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down his season; there shall be showers of blessing. Ezekiel 34:26


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