Valentine’s Day Lollipop Flowers

Valentine’s Day Lollipop Flowers
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I love trying to come up with different ways to put together Valentine’s Day cards! It is super easy to just pick up a box these days of really cute Valentine’s Day cards. My kids love to do arts and crafts, and there is no better time than around Valentine’s Day to put those crafts to work. These Valentine’s Day Lollipop Flowers are super easy and lots of fun to put together!

For the Love of Valentine’s Day!

As I mentioned earlier, it is easy to find Valentine’s Day card kits these days. No longer do you just have to opt for the simple cards: can actually assemble them with little trinkets and what not. My kids wanted to do another Valentine’s Day craft after we made these super cute Valentine’s Day Candy Holder Cards I have seen candy flower bouquets put together and knew that was the route for our next craft! All I had to grab was a pack of Valentine’s Dum Dums (you can opt for Blow Pops or any other type of lollipop), construction paper, and curling ribbon. We already had scissors and tape. Not too bad of a list, huh?!

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Assembling those Lollipop Flowers

These lollipop flowers are easy to assemble. First, pick out what color construction paper you want the petals to be, followed by cutting out 2 heart shapes per lollipop. I have attached a heart print out Cut Out Heart Shape if you don’t want to have to worry about free-handing your own heart 🙂 Your kids can cut these hearts out themselves, depending on their skill level with scissors. It was a little difficult for my 5 year old son to get the scissors to cut around the top of the heart shape. Once you have your hearts cut out, fold the very bottom of the hearts together, almost like you are pinching it. Take 1 of the hearts and overlap the bottom pinched portion on top of the other heart’s pinched portion (if this wording sounds crazy and hard to picture, I have a photo below to show exactly what I mean!). Next take a small piece of tape and tape the hearts together.

The ‘flower petals’ are now complete, so let’s add those lollipops! Take one lollipop and insert it into the center of the flower, pushing it through the bottom. Now your flower has a center and a stem 🙂 The curling ribbon will be tied to the base of the flower. Easy peasy!

Another fun thing to add to these lollipop flowers is having your child decorate the ‘flower petals’. Pull out stickers, crayons, markers…..and let them go to town designing those flower petals.

Items Needed:

Lollipops: Dum Dums, Blow Pops…

Construction Paper

Curling Ribbon

Cut Out Heart Shape



I wish all of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoy making these Valentine’s Day Lollipop Flowers 🙂

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