Valentine’s Day Cards for the Classroom

Spread the loveLeave it to me to start planning for Valentine’s Day right after celebrating the New Year. You know that saying ‘The early bird catches the worm’? Well, I prefer to be that early bird 😉 I decided this year I will try my best to keep a head of things and to not let myself get overwhelmed or stressed by the simplest of things. So here I am, getting a head start on Valentine’s Day! The links included are affiliate links, meaning I will make a small percentage from each sale. Amazon Prime & Valentine’s Day Cards. I am obviously a huge fan of Amazon and all the goodness that Amazon Prime has to offer. I have yet to be truly disappointed in an Amazon purchase. Although I normally love to pick out our Valentine’s Day cards and goodies from Target, I figured I would give Amazon a try. I mean, why not? Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day Amazon finds! Card kits. If you are wanting to keep it simple with only the basic cards, then these will be great!     Card kits with accessories. I love to include some sort of goodie with the Valentine’s Day cards. I love all these kits because they don’t include candy. After having a kid in my youngest’s class with a food allergy, I find it easier to get kits that include some sort of accessory/toy.     Card kits with a mailbox. Some classes require kids to bring their very own Valentine’s mailbox. I love it when I can easily pick up kits that include these! Here are a few that I know would be a hit!     Love thinking about Valentine’s Day! I didn’t realize how much I loved Valentine’s Day until I had kids. Even though it is special day to spend with my husband, it is so much fun spending it with kids. Hoping you all find those Valentine’s Day cards that will be a hit for your kid and their friends! More Valentine’s Day DIY posts 🙂