Tips for Taking Authentic Pictures of Children from a Non-Photographer

Tips for Taking Authentic Pictures of Children from a Non-Photographer
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Who loves to take pictures of their kids? Well, let me rephrase that….who loves to have pictures of their kids? I love to have pictures of my kids, whether it be on my phone or hanging on my living room wall. The actual picture taking process can be overwhelming when it involves children. Here are a few tips that have made taking photographs of my children less of a challenge coming from a non-photographer.

Tips for Taking Authentic Pictures

Take pictures while they are in their element.

The best way to get great authentic pictures of children is by taking them while they are in their element. Playing with blocks, snap a picture. Blowing bubbles or playing with dolls, snap a picture. Some of my favorite pictures of my kids are when they are in their element!

Be prepared to take those photographs.

I have learned that being prepared in life makes things easier in general. When you add kids to the picture, being prepared is even more important to me. Before getting started, have your camera ready! That way you can quickly capture those moments. 

Find places in your home with great natural lighting. Shoot, get outside if possible! Lighting makes all the difference in your photographs. Besides lighting, there is one app that plays a huge part in some of the pictures I take when using my iPhone. That would be Snapseed, and it is free! If you don’t have it, you need it! Great app for newbie picture takers.

As I mentioned above, one of the best places to take pictures of children is in their element. You can also incorporate props.

A few cute prop ideas include:

Picnic setup: throw down a simple blanket, a cute basket with bright colored food items (cut strawberries, green apples, cheese string, etc)

Friend tea party or super hero gathering: just surround your child with any furry stuffed animal or figurine, making the setup look like your child is talking with their ‘friends’Authentic Children Photography

Bubble blowing party: this is so cute; have your child blow bubbles and try to capture those bubbles with your child

Sunglasses, jewelry, hats, etc: any type of accessory is perfect when it comes to taking photographs of kids. Let your child decide!


Felt word board: You all know what I am talking about. These felt word boards are a hit these days. Put a fun quote or a personality statement about your child. Then prop it up somewhere in the background.

Have fun with photography!

Lastly, have fun! My kids know when I am stressing out, and will shut down really quick. When you make it about them and have fun with it, you will get the best authentic pictures.




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