The Ultimate Halloween Bucket List

The Ultimate Halloween Bucket List
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I can’t believe I am even thinking about Halloween! It is hard not to with all the stores full of all those costumes and spooky decor. Ready or not, Halloween will be here in a little over a month. Here is a fun bucket list to make your Halloween even more fun!

Halloween Bucket List

The Ultimate Halloween Bucket List

1. Go to a Corn Maze.

Corn mazes are so much fun! Most of these corn mazes have different levels: one for those little ones and another one for the older kids.

Halloween Bucket List

2. Go to a Pumpkin Patch.

Visiting a pumpkin patch is a must! My kids LOVE picking out there own pumpkin. It had to make the Halloween bucket list.

Halloween Bucket List

3. Carve a Pumpkin.

Whether you are great at carving or not, carving at least one pumpkin this Halloween is so much fun. The kids love to clean all that gooey mess from inside the pumpkin. A pumpkin science activities are easy to do as well.

4. Paint a Pumpkin.

Painting a pumpkin is something my kids enjoy doing. They can get creative with their very own pumpkin. We even picked up a bunch of stickers and pumpkin decorating kits at the Dollar Tree!

5. Play Halloween Bingo.

I created a Halloween Bingo card that is played with candy corn or those mallow pumpkins. Just know that there may not be very many games pieces left if your kids love to eat them! Another great addition to the Halloween bucket list.

6. Watch Hocus Pocus.

Of course, this movie is a must around this time of year. If you are not sure how your little ones will do with this family fun Disney movie, then you can swap it out for Spookley the Square Pumpkin.

7. Make a Halloween Chex Mix.

Yummm! I love a good holiday Chex Mix, and it is so easy to put together. Let the kids pick what they want in it. All you need is Chex cereal and Halloween Candy!

8. Visit a Haunted House.

Number 8 on the Halloween bucket list, visit a Haunted House. With this one, it all depends on the age of your kids. We went to a ‘not so scary’ haunted house at Movie Tavern last year. There are Halloween Houses that are super scary as well as ones that are just for fun!

Halloween Bucket List

9. Decorate at least one spot in your home for Halloween.

Even if Halloween is not one of your favorite holidays (it is now one of my favorites because of the kids), you have to decorate at least one spot in your home for Halloween. Michaels, Target and Walmart have tons of cute Halloween decorations, some that aren’t super spooky!


10. Create a Halloween Diorama.

Dioramas are so much fun! They don’t have to be ‘school-type’ projects when you are doing them at home with the family. We created a Halloween Diorama from an empty plastic gallon milk jug. You can even buy diorama kits at Michaels! It is such a simple and fun craft!

DIY Halloween Diorama

11. Make a spooky snack.

Why not make snack time fun with a little touch of spookiness? You can create a Halloween-theme to any snack: make mummy’s with hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls and even make a spider from pretzel sticks and a cheese round!

12. Play Hide and Seek in the dark.

Nothing is spookier than playing a game of hide and seek in the dark. My kids love this! You can even have the person who is it wearing some sort of glow in the dark gear, maybe even let them have a flash light as they go searching through the house for all those hiding!

13. Buy Lots of Glow in the Dark Things

Glow in the Dark items are so much fun, even more so during Halloween. Right now is the perfect time to stock up on all things that glow in the dark: bracelets, necklaces, sticks. The kids can even wear these while trick or treating!

14. Read a Halloween Book.

Our family is all about reading. Halloween is no different, and actually even more fun to read a Halloween-themed book during this time of year. There are so many Halloween-themed books out there!

15. Make a DIY Costume.

Let your kids create their very own costume. It doesn’t have to be the one that they will wear Halloween night, but is so much fun to let their imagination roll with what costume they could create. You can purchase all sorts of things from the Dollar Tree or Michaels to give way to any fun costume! Some fun and easy ideas: butterfly, cow, ninja, turtle, cat.

Halloween Bucket List

Get some Halloween Candy and TRICK OR TREAT!

Halloween Bucket List

Take this Halloween bucket list and make it your very own! You can add to it as you go a long. Halloween is a time that can be enjoyed and not necessarily spooky if you don’t want it to be. Happy Halloween!




Halloween Bucket List

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