Summer Fun Around the Pool: Safety and Maintenance

Summer Fun Around the Pool: Safety and Maintenance
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Can you believe that the summer is practically here? The summer vibes are already starting up here with only a month of school left and those temperatures steadily rising. With the warmer temperatures also comes all the pool fun that is to be had during these next few months. Pool time can be both fun and safe when you make a point to implement both. Here is how we maintain the fun, safety, and quality of our pool.

Providing that safety in pool quarters.

Whether you have an in-ground pool or above ground pool, safety around the pool is of high importance. This is why I have it listed at the very top. How you are going to keep anyone and anything out of the pool should be considered at all times. One way to keep your pool on lock down is by installing a gate or fence around the pool area. Make sure that this is one that little hands can not easily access. For above ground pools, remove the ladder and put it away from the pool. We like to store ours in the shed. Out of sight and out of mind.

Pools are intriguing to all kids and pets alike. Keeping your pool on lock down when there is no adult supervision is very important. Remember this before considering owning any type of pool.

Keeping that water clean.

We have owned an above ground pool now for 3 years. The water quality of the pool water can be maintained when you instill a daily and weekly plan of action. If you let your pool go too long from any type of maintenance routine, the water will become green in no time. Summer rains and all of that pollen will alter the pH levels of the pool water to give way to that perfect environment for algae and bacteria.

How we keep that water crystal clear.

As I mentioned above, keeping that pH level right is key! The HTH® Pool Care line at Walmart has been our go-to for all our pool maintenance needs. They are easy to use and have kept our pool in tip-top shape when we used them on a routine basis.

HTH® Multi-Purpose 6 Way TestStrip for Swimming Pools are the easiest way to check your pool water for free available chlorine (FAC), bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness and cyanuric acid (CYA). You simply take out one test strip and dip it into the pool water, away from the jets. Then compare the coloring of each test indicator to the back of the bottle to see what range your pool water is tested.

If you are unsure about comparing the color of the test strips to the back of the bottle, you can simply take a picture of the test strip and text it to 484123. Your results will be texted directly back to you! This textstrip feature works with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and any carrier that accepts MMS messaging. Best of all, these test strips for swimming pools work with chlorine, bromine and saltwater pools.

Now for keeping that pool water free of unwanted bacteria and algae. HTH® Pre-Measured Water Soluble Pods Shock! is the new and easy-to-use treatment for pool water maintenance! With this simple shock treatment, you can boost the chlorine levels in your pool and restore crystal clarity to the water. Another added plus is that these shock pods are sun protected for extended chlorine life and are also compatible with salt systems.

More HTH™ Pool Care Line products.

These pods are pre-measured, making it so much easier when trying to clean or adjust the chlorine/pH levels of your pool water. You just drop the recommended amount of pods directly to your pool water during evening hours. Come morning, that pool should be ready for lots of cannon balls!

HTH® Pool Care Line at Walmart has so many more different products to keep that pool water in check. They have products to help keep that pH and alkalinity levels right and even an algae guard. So leave that worrying at the side of the pool when you have HTH Pool Care Line products at Walmart by your side!

Swimmer safety.

We have our pool safely guarded and that water crystal clear. Now for all those swimmers. I am a mother of 3. My oldest is on one of the local swim teams, but that doesn’t stop me from holding my lifeguard stance when she swims. When it comes to pool safety, there must be an adult supervising the pool at all times. Anything can happen. My other 2 kids are not as advanced as my oldest, and the youngest still requires her safety swim vest when she enters the pool.

I do not allow the youngest near the ladder of the pool until she has the vest on securely. We make this precaution a necessary step in our swimming routine. Our children also know the rules of no jumping off the ladder, no diving, etc. I will say that I remind them of these rules everyday. Kids will be kids!

Don’t forget that sunscreen either! A lot of us may tend to focus directly on actual water safety, but sun safety is just as important. We apply sunscreen about 30 minutes prior to getting into the water, giving to enough time for the sunscreen to dry. Reapplying throughout the day because my kids will try and live in the pool water.

And lastly, have fun!

Summertime is meant for lots of fun. You can maintain the safety and have fun at the same time. Grab those fun pool floats, toys, and popsicles because summer time is practically here! Happy summer and swimming with HTH® Pool Care line at Walmart.


Summer Pool Safety with HTH Pool Care Line

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