Recipe Saving Made Easy This Holiday

Spread the loveThis post is sponsored by CreateMyCookbook; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Having ‘that’ recipe to go-to when time is limited is a must for me, especially during the holiday! You know what I am talking about. Those recipes that you know are successful, easy, and will make leftovers if needed. Sometimes these recipes are from other cookbooks or Pinterest, maybe even a recipe you created! Either way, these recipes are good to have on hand. With CreateMyCookbook, you will be recipe saving in no time. Recipe saving made easy. Recipe saving has been something I have been doing for a while. As a mom of 3, this is a must! When I find that recipe that the entire family enjoys, I note it. So when the weeks are chaotic, I can pull out that one recipe to make my life not only easy, buy enjoyable for all during dinner. This use to be done by saving pins on Pinterest, trying to make mental notes, and even writing them down on index cards. The time it took me to search back through my pins, finding that index card, and trying to remember how I cooked a specific dish was insane. Why? Three kids and a busy weekly schedule had me all over the place. CreateMyCookbook is saving me time and sanity! Within less than 1 hour, I can have all my family-approved recipes documented in one place: my very own cookbook! Haven’t heard of CreateMyCookbook before? Let me tell you all about it. How to use CreateMyCookbook. Creating your very own cookbook has never been this easy. CreateMyCookbook can take any recipe and place them in one cookbook for you. These recipes can be family recipes or recipes you have found elsewhere that are tried and true. You don’t have to be a chef to create your CreateMyCookbook cookbook. Here’s why you should be recipe saving with CreateMyCookbook! Setting up that account. Firstly, you will need to go onto CreateMyCookbook‘s website to setup an account. This will keep all those recipes you cherish in one place as well as help you keep all your cookbook orders, etc. organized. I love that you can come back later and order more copies. Get to creating. Once you have your account setup, you can get to creating your cookbook! You can personalize this cookbook however you want, picking the theme as well as whatever photographs you want in it. This is YOUR cookbook and CreateMyCookbook is here for it! Another great aspect of having an account is that you can share it with your friends or family. Maybe a family friend has a recipe that you love? Have them log into your account and add the recipe to the recipe box. Feel like you are short on time when it comes to typing in all those recipes? Well, CreateMyCookbook can take care of that part too! With WeTypeIt, you can upload photographs of your favorite recipes. Then the CreateMyCookbook staff will type your recipes into your recipe box for you. Within a few hours, you will have all those family favorites ready to be added to your cookbook. It is literally just that easy! Holiday gifting with CreateMyCookbook. I can seriously go on and on about my love for CreateMyCookbook. It has made my life so much easier now that I have all my family favorite recipes in one place, and one that I created myself. Creating a cookbook has never by this easy! It even makes for the perfect holiday gift as well! I plan to share all my family recipes with my family members. Fill that cookbook with pictures of all the kids and family, add those amazing recipes, and VIOLA! Check it out for yourself: you will be a cookbook editor in no time. Happy holidays!