Preparing For Toddler Bed Transition

Spread the loveDisclosure: I received product compliments of DockATot, and all opinions are solely my own. As a mother of 3, I have become familiar with all those transitions that come through the months and years. Luckily I have had the chance to figure out what works best for my kids. Transitioning them to crib to toddler bed is one of the biggest transitions thus far because it involves both safety and sleep! Here are a few tips on how to prepare for that transition and how DockATot is the perfect product to include during the switch from crib to toddler bed. When is it time? This can be a tricky question. All children mature on different time tables, with the girls normally maturing much faster. As my daughter always say, “I do it!’. My youngest isn’t too far behind her with the independence already predominant in all her daily tasks. Most wait to make the transition after 3 years of age when they seem to be more aware of safety around the house. No matter when you or your child are ready for the toddler bed, preparation can begin well before then! I am not ready for my youngest to be in her toddler bed. The mere thought of her possibly walking out of her room while we are sleeping at night makes me a tad bit nervous since she feels that she is too grown already. Yes, she is our little monkey who has no concern about safety. So in the meantime, we are getting her comfortable with the DockATot! Preparing for toddler bed transition with the DockATot. The DockATot is an all natural, 100% cotton, multi-functional lounger. It can be used as a co-sleeper and playtime lounger and comes in two different sizes: Deluxe (for 0-8 months) and Grand (for 9-36 months). The Grand is perfect for toddler bed transitions, a travel bed, and playtime lounger! The DockATot Grand is lightweight and can be easily moved from room to room as well as for vacationing. Did I mention it is handmade in Europe and designed in Sweden? The DockATot is a comfortable, high-quality lounger available in many beautiful patterns. We opted for the La Vie en Rose pattern to go with the girlishness of my daughter’s room. It is apparent in these pictures how much she loves her DockATot!  In order to prepare her for a toddler bed, we are allowing her to get used to her DockATot on the ground. Yes, it is that comfortable where it doesn’t matter what type of floor it is placed on! Once she is ready (and me of course!), we will move her DockATot to her toddler bed. The rounded edges are the perfect height to keep her from rolling out of her toddler bed, but also not too high where she will have difficulty climbing out. With her being familiar with her DockATot beforehand, she will be even more comfortable for her toddler bed! Using your DockATot as a playtime lounger. Right now, my youngest is pretty much using her DockATot as a playtime lounger. She loves to just lay around in it and ‘read’ her books. This not only gives her that quiet time space in comfort, but is also allowing her to feel secure in her DockATot. We plan on bringing it to the beach in the next few weeks. Excited about not having to pack a huge piece of equipment with us! If you are trying to figure out what to do to help your little one transition to a toddler bed, check out DockATot. You will not be disappointed!