Play Pretend Campfire for Kids

Play Pretend Campfire for Kids
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What kid does not love to play pretend?! My kids love to play pretend kitchen cook, doctor, and even camping out. This winter has brought to many days of cabin fever, which we are not use to in Louisiana 🙂 Play pretend activities are my best go-to’s when everyone starts getting stir crazy.

With this past snowy, icy weather came school closures. I racked my brain of fun things for the kids to do. We all voted on a play pretend camp out. So with any camp out, we need a campfire. This super easy campfire is the perfect addition to any play pretend camp out!

If you are unable to get to any stores for these items, you could find things around the house! For our campfire, we used store bought felt sheets, cardboard rolls, and a battery powered tealight. Paper towels rolls and toilet paper rolls will do just fine as will any type of tissue paper! Shoot, you could even get the kids to color paper towels/sheets of paper and cut into the shape of a fire.

Items Needed:

cardboard rolls (3)

felt/paper towels/sheets of paper: all ‘fire’ colors (red, orange, yellow)

tape/school glue/hot glue

battery powered tealight/flashlight

Assembling that campfire

Let’s get started assembling that play pretend campfire. Take your cardboard rolls and draw lines/swirls on them to make the resemble wood logs. Next take whatever you are using for the fire and cut them into a ‘fire’ shape. Once you have finished cutting the ‘fire’, take tape/glue/hot glue (all depends on which type of material you are using for the fire) and form the ‘fire’ into a circular shape.

Lastly, put your light source in the middle of the ‘fire’ and place the logs around it. Time to camp out!

See how easy this was?! Happy camping 🙂

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