Planning a Spa Birthday Party

Spread the loveThese past few months have been full of so many birthday parties. I promised my oldest that we would better plan her birthday party next year since her birthday falls right around Memorial Day and when everyone is heading out on those summer vacations. Planning a head is a must if you are wanting to invite all those school friends. Well, my niece turned 7 a few weeks ago, and this spa birthday party was too cute not to share with all of you! Planning that spa birthday party. So you have come to the decision that you want to host a spa birthday party for your child. What is next? Well, you must first decide if you want to host the party at your home or at a salon. My oldest had a very small spa-type party at a local ‘kids’ spa for her 6th birthday, where they had their nails painted and got glitter tattoos. A spa party can be easily planned at home as well! My sister in-law put on this super cute party by ordering supplies off of Amazon, Etsy, as well as some Dollar Tree finds. Here is how you can have a spa birthday party at home! Getting those invitations. Once you have chosen the when and where for the party, then get those invitations ordered. There are so many different ways to order party invitations. One easy and great way is by ordering a kit off of Etsy. These kits include all the printable PDFs you will need for the party as well as the invitations! Here is the one my sister in-law used for her party. Organizing the ‘spa’. I didn’t realize how easy it would be to have a spa at home! My sister in-law ordered all her spa party favors and some of the spa supplies off of Amazon. She even found the plastic bins used for the foot soaking and the handheld mirrors with stands at Dollar Tree. The most genus idea was how she used her crock-pot to help keep the wet hand towels warm. Genius I tell you! What about the face mask the kids applied to their faces? It was a homemade edible chocolate face mask. Who knew a face mask could be so yummy? Spa snacks and treats. What is a party without any type of food or beverage? I love the charcuterie board that was put together as well as the oh so cute cookies! With the party package that was ordered off of Etsy, the mini water bottles quickly became “McKenzie’s Spa Water’. Individual bags of Goldfish and Cheez Its were also available for the perfect spa treat. Time for mani and pedi’s! Now for this part of the party to be a success, you must have some extra hands to help with all those little toes and fingers. Once they had their head bands in place, all the girls applied their chocolate face masks. Then they moved on to the pedicure area where plastic bins were filled with bubbly colored water. Cucumber slices were handed out to add to the ‘spa’ feel of the party. After those little feet finished soaking, it was time for picking out that nail polish color!  It didn’t take long for the nail polish to dry with all the little hand driers made available on the manicure table. The warm hand towels that were being kept in the crock-pot were handed out to help remove the chocolate face mask. Cake and present time. Once the spa session was completed and all the girls had their nails painted and face masks washed off, it was time for cake and presents. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday, a home spa-theme at its best! Check out the Planning a Playdate Party with Movie Tavern and Our Little Mermaid is Turning 1 Birthday Party