Planning a Halloween School Party

Planning a Halloween School Party
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Eeek! Can you believe Halloween is around the corner? This means it is time to start planning those Halloween costumes and parties. Check out all these fun ways to celebrate this not-so-spooky holiday!

Halloween parties are more than fun with kids.

It took me having kids to truly appreciate the Halloween holiday. I did dress up and trick or treat as a child, but there is something much more to it when you are celebrating it with your very own kids. The excitement of watching them pick out there very own costumes as well as the thrill of getting all of that bucket of candy.

This holiday does not have to be spooky, which I am not all about all the ‘scary’ aspects. I would rather Halloween be filled with fun-spookiness, if that makes sense! Give me all those cute little hanging ghosts and spiders, but not the creepy-thriller kind of stuff. Nope and nope. I want my kids to have fun, not be scared silly. Here is how you can plan that not-so-spooky school party!

Halloween Party Supplies

Finding those party supplies can be both fun and overwhelming. Here are some items that will make any school party lots of fun and planned with ease.

Party Tableware

Even the tableware can be something fun for the party! I love these cute Halloween-themed tableware products. Plus, you can buy them in a bundle to make the process even easier!

Party Favors

My kids look forward to those party favors! I LOVE all these party favors found at Party City, They are ones that can be reused and last longer that just eating candy. The glow-in-the-dark bracelets are perfect for trick or treating.


Party Decor

Yay to fun and easy party decor! These are so simple! You can even have your balloons filled at Party City if you have one locally!

Halloween Candy!

Ok, I know most kids will be getting a ton of candy when they go trick or treating. You have to have a little bit of candy at the party 😉 You can even use these bulk candy bags for handing out on Halloween night.

Party Games

Lastly, those fun games. These games are so simple and lots of fun! I can definitely see them being a hit in my 3 year old’s party as well!

Halloween party planning has never been so easy.

No need to stress over all the party planning this coming up month. Leave it all up to Party City to make things easy for you! I have used Party City for many parties as well as decorating Mardi Gras floats. Believe me, these all will make for a super fun and easy Halloween party!



Halloween Party Planning

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