How to Plan a Successful Tailgate with Kids

How to Plan a Successful Tailgate with Kids
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Football season is upon us now, which means lots and lots of time spent either tailgating or hosting a football viewing party. It is all about the LSU Fighting Tigers from September until that Bowl Game and possibly even a Championship game 😉 Having little ones can make you want to lose your mind during a tailgate if you are not well prepared. I am here to hopefully save some of your sanity.

What to do.

Pack the night before. I am not lying here. Just do it! The morning of a football game is crazy. Everyone wants to look cute which takes a little bit of time on the getting dressed part. Plus, just like packing for a vacation: THERE IS A TON OF CRAP! Seriously. Here are the essentials when it comes to packing for a tailgate.

  1. Juice Boxes/Waters/Capri Suns: Pack them all. You know once you get out there you won’t have exactly what they want if you pack only one thing. So pack it all.
  2. Snacks and LOTS of them. There is usually food out at our tailgate, but it is nice to have a guarantee on kid-friendly. Nothing worse than a tired and hungry child.
  3. Toys. We pack everything from balls, frisbees, barbies, board games (yes we really do bring these), and anything else that would be fun while being outside. We try and leave the ipads at home. This is a great time to disconnect from technology.
  4. Blankets. These are obviously not for bundling up with in September through November. Well, it may get a little chilly here in Louisiana at the end of October. Blankets are perfect for the kids to sit on to eat as well as play. You may even get lucky and have one of them nap 😉
  5. Extra change of clothes. You never know what is going to go down while you are away from the house. Better be safe than sorry. My son would gladly run around LSU’s campus butt naked, but that isn’t going to happen.
  6. Wagon or Stroller. Game changer here. Even if your kids refuse to ride and insist on walking, this will save your life by carrying the loads of stuff you have brought to the tailgate.
  7. Sunscreen. If you will be out in the sun, make sure to bring this! We are fortunate to tailgate in the shade, thank goodness for trees.

The more prepared you are, the more successful your tailgating experience will be. We absolutely love this time of year. Spending time with family and friends while cheering on our favorite football team. Here is to a successful and fun-filled football season!



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