Our Little Mermaid is Turning 1 Birthday Party

Our Little Mermaid is Turning 1 Birthday Party
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I still can not believe my baby turned one this past month. Where did the time go?! This 1st birthday party had to be perfect. I spent a lot of time brainstorming and Pinterest searching.  This mermaid theme party was too much fun and easy not to share with everyone else 🙂

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Birthday Party Invites.

I wanted to use purple and teal as the main colors for this party and didn’t want to go the typical “Little Mermaid’ route. The birthday party invites were ordered from Vista Prints, and I couldn’t have been more impressed on how they turned out!



Birthday Girl’s Attire.

As for Chloe’s party attire, her little tulle skirted dress was ordered from Old Navy and the lace crown was a diy project (super easy!). I made extra pink ones for party favors. Link available soon!

The desserts.

Now for the desserts….I love to start with desserts, more times than not haha! The smash cake was lightly frosted and topped with a chocolate molded mermaid tail. This same mermaid tail mold, but in a smaller version, was used to top all the cupcakes. The chocolate mermaid tail mold was ordered from Amazon. Mujiang Mermaid Tail Silicone Jelly Sugar Chocolate Fondant Molds Large+Small As for the cupcakes, I frosted them with a buttercream frosting tinted slightly purple and topped off with a fun sprinkle assortment along with a chocolate mermaid tail. Little ‘oyster’ cookies were created with Almonette cookies, buttercream frosting and one white Sixlet (for the pearl!).

The Brunch Menu.

There was chicken salad sandwich croissants with candied-eyed toothpicks inserted into them to transform them into our ‘crab sandwiches’. A fruit tray (strawberries and grapes), pasta salad (our ‘sea shell’ pasta), and a Whales/Goldfish mix was also apart of the brunch menu. A blue, Berry-flavored Kool-Aid was our fun ‘Ocean Water’ beverage option. Purple and teal plates and napkins as well as clear plastic cups/silverware completed the Brunch Menu.


The Candy Bar.

This party could not be complete without our candy bar: turquoise ‘coral’ rock candy sticks and purple Sixlet ‘oyster pearls’ along with plastic goodie bags with ties. I purchased all at our local party store, Party City

Party Decor.

A homemade ribbon banner adorned the front of Chloe’s high chair along with purple and teal balloons. Tissue paper assorted shapes kit, purchased from Michaels hung above the bar area to complete our party decor. The extra ribbon from the chair banner was used to decorate the glass vase/mason jar for both the flowers and candy.

This mermaid theme party was super easy to put together. I was able to use my 40% off coupon at Michaels #momwin!

I believe Chloe enjoyed herself at her 1st birthday party. She did end her birthday party in her ‘birthday suit’ 😉

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