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Organization Tips For Those with Kids

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Who all is wanting to get their home organized after the holiday? I know after getting through this past month, the longest month might I add, I am ready to get my house organization in high gear! I also wanted to find storage items to help my oldest keep her things in order as well. Here are a few things I found to get this organization with my kids underway.

Bins and Baskets.

I love using decorative bins and baskets for storage when they are going to be visible to all those walking through my home. It helps put the clutter up in a clean and stylish way. I have a few baskets in my living room, as well as in the kids’ storage shelving.



Plastic Storage Containers.

There is nothing wrong with some good ol’ Tupperware. I have found a great variety of storage bins at Target. They are great for organizing not only larger items, but also smaller things.



Cube Storage Organizers

I am a huge fan of the cube storage organizers. HUGE fan! I practically have them in ever room in my house. They are not only easy to keep things organized, but also look great when styled just right. It has made keeping the kids’ toys put away so much easier. My oldest even uses hers to help store clothes. An alternative to a dresser.

I love the fact you not only choose your own bins for the organizer, but you can also style the open cubes however you want!


Be practical, think simple.

My biggest tip when it comes to organizing anything is to be practical and think simple. If there are items not necessary, donate or toss them. Make organization easy for everyone in the family. When you make it easier for your kids, then cleaning up after play time, etc is more fun and not much of a battle.

I even love this All-In-One Desk Organizer from Savor. It is perfect for my oldest to keep all her tests and homework papers organized. She even wants to store all the birthday invites here as well 😉

Desk Organizer

Check out these junk drawer organization tips too! Cheap and Easy Junk Drawer Organization

What are your thoughts when it comes to getting things organized around the house, especially if kids are involved?





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