How to Make Your Own Burlap Wreath

How to Make Your Own Burlap Wreath
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There is just something about having ‘that’ wreath on your front door. I know you know what I am talking about. You drive by a house with a wreath that looks fabulous. It actually makes the house look fabulous…similar to how certain outfits make you look and feel stunning.

I get wreath envy, particularly during the holidays. I have already started drooling at the mere thought of a Christmas wreath…had to pull in the reigns the other day at Michaels. I love to torture myself for the days leading up to Thanksgiving when I will finally allow myself to put up all the Christmas decor ?

Already done wreaths don’t come cheap either. A plain wreath can cost you at least $30. Yea, you can use one of those 40% off coupons at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Extra wreath accessories will still need to be purchased to get that wreath to it’s fabulous state…cha-ching $$$.

I decided it was about time to take over the whole wreath making for my fall wreath. I got everything I needed for my wreath for under $15. Say what?! You heard me correctly, $15. I purchased a 18” wire wreath for under $3. The burlap bow ($2), wooden Letter ‘C’ ($2), and 2 rolls of different colored burlap ($3 & $4) were all I needed to make a simple and beautiful fall wreath.

I could have added a few cute little fall accessories, like faux mini pumpkins or a spray of fall colored leaves/flowers. I chose to keep this one simple and go all out for my Christmas wreath. The list of things for that wreath is already completed ?

I did not use any glue for this wreath, only using the tucking method. A hot glue can be used in addition to the tucking method. The entire wreath was assembled in 1 hour, perfectly timed during my youngest one’s nap. She would want to help momma out if she were to have been awake, although the help would not have been very helpful.

Wreath Making…

1.) The first step is to pick a spot to start on the wreath. It doesn’t matter where you pick. Once you have this spot picked, tie a knot with the wider burlap around one of the inner wires. This will secure it in place while you work around the wreath.

2.) Slowly weave and tuck the burlap in between the wires of the wreath, making your way around the entire wreath. You don’t want this to be done ‘tightly’. Keep the burlap somewhat fluffy and loose in between tucks.

3.) Cut and tuck the very end of the wider burlap into the wiring once you make it all the way around the wreath. Now to start on the smaller width burlap.

4.) Cut the burlap string keeping the roll secure and set aside for later. Tie a knot with this burlap, similar to the very first step. Once it is secure, you will begin to tuck.

5.) The tucking of the second burlap is much different than the first; instead of wrapping around/tucking in all the wires of the wreath, you will only tuck in the very center wires. This will give the wreath more depth.

6.) As with the wider burlap, cut and tuck once you make it all the way around with the smaller width burlap

7.) Now to add the bow. I wanted to add more character, so added a piece of the left over smaller width burlap to the middle tie of the bow before attaching it to the wreath.

8.) This bow came with a wire tie; easily attached the burlap bow to the wreath by wrapping wire tie around one of the wire rods in wreath

9.) Once the bow is attached, you can add whatever accessories you would like. I chose to go with just the wooden Letter ‘C’ for our last name, Cook. To do this, I used the burlap tie reserved earlier from the roll of burlap. I carefully tied the string around a wire and the ‘C’. Hot glueing it on could be a choice for those who feel better just glueing it all on.

Voila! You have a beautiful wreath not only for under $15, but one you made yourself. Now to just hang it! You can get over the door hangers for $2 or less at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. Don’t you just love easy DIY projects that you can actually do yourself?

Happy Fall y’all! ❤️

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