Little Passports and Science Fun, Part 1

Little Passports and Science Fun, Part 1
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If you are like me, finding quick and easy science related activities can be tiring and frustrating. I may find one activity that looks AH-Mazing. Then I realize I don’t have a single item needed for the experiment, and I have already promised my daughter a fun-filled science experiment. Epic mom fail and a very unhappy child! I have a great answer to this never ending catastrophe-Little Passports: Science Expedition.

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What is Little Passports?

Little Passports is a themed kid-friendly, aged-based ‘surprise box’. You can opt for a 1 month subscription to give it a test run or go straight for the 1 year subscription. Each month, your child will receive 1 ‘surprise box’ based on whichever theme you choose. These themes include Science Expeditions, World Edition, Early Explorers, and USA Edition. Little PassportsĀ  will be sending us the Science Expedition with the 3 month subscription to review. Month 1 had us more than impressed!

Month 1 Box

In our first box, we received a tote to store all of our science experiment items-huge plus for this mom who struggles with finding places for things these days šŸ˜‰ Along with the bag, we received the items needed for 3 experiments and a science notebook. My daughter felt legit with the science notebook. There was even a comic book in the box. Bring on the fun!

Each experiment came with a detailed, step-by-step guide with a few background tidbits. There were a few things I needed from the house for the experiments, but it was things I already had around the house, #momwin! The first experiment we did was the Fingerprint Analysis. It was so cool to see Ryleigh get excited about fingerprints. She loved analyzing all of our finger prints. The second experiment was a Splatter Analysis, followed by the DNA Experiment. I have never seen Ryleigh so fascinated by a science experiment. It was such a joy to watch her light up when she saw the extraction of a strawberry’s ‘DNA’. Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself!


Take it from this mom who loves all things science, Little Passports Science Expedition was a win this month with all 3 of these experiments. Stay tuned for our review of next month’s box!



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