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Keeping Your Car Fresh While Traveling with Kids

Keeping Your Car Fresh While Traveling with Kids
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This post is sponsored by Refresh Your Car®! but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Just thinking about traveling with kids starts my anxiety going. I start listing out all the ‘what ifs’ and how I can combat all those problems that I normally face while traveling with my kids. I don’t know about you, but having a game plan makes any trip in the car so much easier! Here are a few tricks and tips to keep your car freshened up while traveling with kids.

Organizing tools.

The first way to keep that car freshened up while traveling is by having the means to keep it all organized. I love using canvas totes that are collapsible. I put everything we need for our travel into a designated spot so that they are easy to find while on the road. Much easier than digging around the floor boards and makes the car feel more ‘clean’.

Keeping Your Car Fresh While Traveling with Kids

Keeping that car fresh.

Refresh Your Car®.

Let’s be honest. It won’t take long for that car to start smelling right, and I don’t mean right as in a bouquet of flowers or freshly washed clothes. Having a bunch of people squished into one vehicle, especially with kids and possibly a pet, the smells in the car will not be the ones I would like to smell for a long trip. Shoot, not even a quick trip to the grocery store. Lucky for us, we have Refresh Your Car® brand that is dedicated to freshening up our cars. From the Mini Diffusers and Vent Clips and the variety of scents available, the smelliness of your car will no longer be a thing to worry about!

Keeping Your Car Fresh While Traveling with Kids

Keeping Your Car Fresh While Traveling with Kids

The variety of Refresh Your Car® scents available make it easy to find that exact one or ones that are perfect for your car. I personally am a fan of ‘fresh and clean’ smelling air fresheners, but the Refresh Your Car® ‘fruit scented’ ones were also a hit with our family. There are even packs that feature two scents that can be used together or alone! These long-lasting and affordable innovative car air refreshners are a must for anyone wanting to travel without a smelly car.

Keeping Your Car Fresh While Traveling with Kids

They are also readily available at Target, Walmart, Walgreens or your local auto part stores. So no stress about finding these if you are already running around prepping for a vacation. Check here to see which store to stop by! Store Locator

So what are our family favorites for traveling?

  • Perfect Peach™ – The simple smell of peach comes through clear, with its fresh, crisp and fruity smells that will keep you feeling energized and warm.
  • Fresh Linen – A classic crisp and clean fragrance that will remind you of your favorite sheets dried on a clothesline by a blowing breeze.
  • Cool Breeze™ – A crisp, clean and strong fresh sent that will keep your car as fresh as a cool breeze. Island Coconut – The smooth tropical smell of an island coconut, with fruity smooth notes of the Caribbean.
  • Wildflowers & Love™ – A dual combination of scents that will bring the easy-going, gentle smell of love on a nice summer day to your commute.

Keeping Your Car Fresh While Traveling with Kids

My kids love the Fresh Strawberry & Cool Lemonade™! Then my husband was all about Lightning Bolt™ & Ice Storm™ – A bold combination that creates a soft, clean and smooth sent, which releases a hint of cool musk. 

Refresh Your Car® air refreshners are super easy to use. My kids were able to put the vent ones in their own vents. As you can see, it was hard for them to choose just one scent.

Keeping Your Car Fresh While Traveling with Kids

Oh wait, I forgot to mention. With summer traveling coming up, how about a Refresh Your Car® Auto Fragrance Prize Pack Giveaway featuring some of their samples? Check out at the end on how to enter to win!

Packing all those essentials to keep kids ‘freshened’.

Now that you have your car organized and smelling amazing, you still need to make sure if have all the essentials for traveling with kids. These extra essentials will make traveling a breeze and your car happy!

Snacks are a must. 

It doesn’t take long for your kids to start with their hunger pains. I promise, mine get hungry and thirsty 5 minutes after leaving the house, and yes, they did eat something before we left the house. These snacks obviously will be based on what your child loves to eat and can eat. Anything individually wrapped or packaged is the way to go. This way you can avoid any arguing of who is holding the food and who is not sharing as well as a messy back seat with snacks being tossed around.

Keeping Your Car Fresh While Traveling with Kids

Activities, Games, and Movies ready.

Traveling, particularly long distances, can get boring. You will know when your car has reached this status because your children will inform you every few minutes. To save your sanity and them from boredom, make sure to pack items to get them ‘busy’. There are some many ways to keep them entertained! Movies, activity books, learning tablets, and books are a few thing that will keep your car in order and hopefully less bored.

Extra change of clothes.

I know you have already packed everyone’s entire closet, but it is good to have an accessible bag of clothes in the car for any accidents that may occur. My son will take everything off if one drop of drink falls on his shirt. Not kidding.

Traveling can be overwhelming when you are including the entire family. Having the means to keep it going smoothly and smelling good is a #momwin!

Don’t forget to enter into the Refresh Your Car® Auto Fragrance Prize Pack Giveaway featuring some of their samples. You will be more than ready to tackle any summer trip with kids having Refresh Your Car® on your side!

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Keeping Your Car Fresh While Traveling with Kids


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