Juggling that Summer Chaos

Spread the loveThis post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. SUMMER IS HERE! It is oh so here in this home, and this momma is trying to keep her cool and sanity. Kids appear to be more crazy during the summer than during the school year, but why? One word to share with all of my fellow parents: schedule. Seems simple enough, right? Here are a few ways to juggle that summer chaos. Figuring out a daily summer schedule. We are use to being on a schedule during the school year, may it be strict or flexible. Either one, there is a schedule in place. Parents wake up, kids are woken up, and then the morning routine continues until the kids are dropped off at school. While at school, our kids are on a schedule. Then what? School ends and the afternoon schedule takes place.  One of the things I love about summer is the fact that there is no stressful schedule. No homework to worry about and no waking up kids who are not morning people. It is this same love that also bites me in the butt during the summer as soon as the chaos kicks in. When my kids are not on a schedule, they go crazy. Absolutely CRAZY! There is just something about having a routine that keeps them in a better state of mine. Having all my kids in a better state keeps me sane by the time my husband gets home.  The summer is a time for fun, and we can still keep it fun with just a little bit of routine. Breakfast. I make sure to feed my kids breakfast after they wake up. I allow them to wake up on their own because they are usually up and ready to go by 7:30a. Breakfast is a great way to get the day officially started and as they say ‘The most important meal of the day!’. Get out of those pjs. Ok, this one is one that I am flexible with. Some days are meant to be lazy. In this case, we lounge around in our pjs for majority of the morning. Normally we like to get dressed after eating breakfast. Something about getting dressed for the day makes you feel like you are ‘doing’ something and have more initiative. Fun activities and crafts. Plan some fun activities and crafts for the day. I am not saying go all teacher on your children, but if you plan out at least one activity or craft, they will be so excited for when that time comes. It will give them something to look forward to in regard to routine/schedule. Another great idea is give them morning time to do something ‘school-related’. The summer slump does exist, and it is good to keep them engaged with information they learned the year before. There are many different activity books out there that make it fun to practice school material!   Dinner. I am a huge advocate on trying to keep dinner around the same time. This can be difficult during the summer with all the activities taking place. Summer time is for fun, right? I love that I have a go-to for those nights when I have no time to prepare a meal or the day before was insane. Let’s face it, the summer is full of chaos! The days will get long, and there will be many messes made during the day. Red Barron pizza is my life saver for lunch and dinner. My kids love it, we love it. Winner all around for this family! Even when we try and keep a routine to knock out some of that chaos, it will still be a tad bit crazy! It is summer after all. My kids have yet to stop chanting:  Schools out for summer! Red Baron is a summer win!  Parenting can feel like a war zone at times, and I know this all to well. Messes, fighting, and the feeling of disorganization can make any parent feel like they are losing the battle. Keep strong, find that routine that works, and rely on Red Baron when all else fails!