Jeans Outfit Inspiration for the Fall

Jeans Outfit Inspiration for the Fall
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Anyone else getting excited about the thought of being able to wear jeans without sweating to death? I know I am, especially when I find ‘those’ special pair. I have finally found that pair and more than happy to share them with all of you!

Finding ‘those’ jeans.

You know that moment when you slip on a pair of jeans, and they fit just right? They are not too long or tight, and the waist fits just right. When this occurs, you have found that one and only pair. My body built has made pants-shopping more than difficult majority of the time. Jeans either fit too long or the waist doesn’t fit right after getting them to fit around my big ol’ booty and thighs. I decided to try out Old Navy since they were having an awesome sale. GLAD I DID! Y’all, I am more than excited about these high-waisted skinny jeans. I bought them in two different styles.

Jeans outfit

Here are two ways I styled my Old Navy jeans.

Showing a little shoulder before it gets too cold.

I am all about a good tank with jeans combo when the weather has not gotten too cold. It gives way to a great comfortable balance in this Louisiana fall weather. If the weather is a little cooler, you can throw on a blazer or long length cardigan.

Jeans Outfit


Mixing high-waisted with a cropped top.

After becoming a mom, I felt like I was too old to wear certain outfits. The new cropped top trend is one of them. Although I am deep down obsessed with this trend, I wasn’t so sure I could pull it off. Let me tell you, it can definitely be pulled off with a pair of high-waisted jeans. Don’t let your age or the thought of being a mom keep you from following whatever trend you want to follow. These high-waisted jeans allowed me to pick up all those cropped tops that I have been eyeing for a while! These jeans are more distressed than my other pairs, but you can also find a pair in this same color-not as distressed as these.

Jeans Outfit


So many different styles to choose from.

There are so many different types of jeans out there. From skinny, wide-legged, flared, and basic straight leg, there is a jean-style for everyone. This is the best time of year to grab those jeans while they are on sale, and the weather is starting to give them the approval.



Jeans Outfit

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