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Indoor Camping Party for Kids

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Brrr…..the cold weather is here and has us going NO WHERE! When it snows or ice accumulates any where in Louisiana, the entire state shuts down. Hey, we southerners are not use to any weather under 40 degrees (Ok, more like under 55 haha!). I was running around like a crazy person when I realized the schools were going to be closing. I am not even playing when I say I was like a crazy person. Camping Party saved this mom’s sanity!

My 6 and 5 year old can only handle approximately 5 minutes of each other before the fighting begins. Plus my 16 month old loves to chime in with all the madness. I mean, she wants to be heard and seen too?!

Ok, enough of my ranting about kids being at home 😉 I decided an Indoor Camping Party would be the perfect activity for us while we were trapped indoors. This ‘party’ includes lots of arts and crafts, snacks and some play pretend action!

What to include in your indoor camping party

Firstly, you will need to pop up those tents. These tents can be homemade tents with blankets and chairs or a kid’s pop up tent. Get those situated at the ‘campsite’ location. The kids will need to get that campfire going! This Play Pretend Campfire for Kids is so easy to assemble.

Craft, Craft, and more Crafts

The kids can do so many things at their camping party. My kids love to paint. Whether it be watercolor painting a pretend campground scenery or painting rocks, painting is always a win win. How about assembling miniature tents/tip-pees? All you need for these is paper/felt, colors to decorate paper if using it, popsicle sticks, and glue. My kids assembled their tip-pees and put them in fairy-gnome gardens.

Lighting Bug Bottles are also so much fun and easy. For these, all you will need is an empty water bottle, glow sticks, and accessories to decorate your lightning bug (pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and sticky-sided foam). The glow sticks will go right into the bottles and will give those ‘lighting bugs’ their glow!

camp Out Snacks

You cannot have a legit camp out without those campground snacks. We went with a s’more mix (any type of graham cracker, chocolate chips, and miniature marshmallows) and swedish fish candy. My son pretended to be fishing for those swedish fish…believe me, he made a point to ‘catch them all’ haha! The last snack we had for our camping party was pigs in a blanket-yummy!

Indoor Camping Party for my kids was a win for more than one reason.

The kids enjoyed making crafts, eating snacks, followed by lounging in their tents near the campfire 🙂 If you are looking for a fun and creative activity for the kids, this Indoor Camping Party is perfect!

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