How to Help Your Cat Become Healthier with Walmart: Purina ONE®

Spread the loveThis shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PurinaONEVisibleDifferences #CollectiveBias Have a pet or considering one? A lot needs to be considered when adding a new furry friend to your family. I quickly became aware of this after adopting our first family pet, Marbles. We adopted Marbles from one of the local cat shelters in Baton Rouge. To say it was love at first sight between her and my oldest is an understatement. Marbles is loved very much by our family and we take her health and well-being serious! We were more than excited to take the 28-Day Challenge with Purina ONE® for Marbles. Click on the picture above to learn more about Purina ONE®. When that furry friend becomes an official member of your family.  As soon as my daughter spotted our soon-to-be pet cat, she named her right away.  Marbles!  Marbles is a tuxedo cat, having that beautiful black and white contrast fur coat. Bringing her home was so exciting. We made sure to make her feel right at home with lots of petting, cat toys, as well as trying to figure out the best cat food we could get for her. When a pet becomes an official member of your family, you want the very best for that pet. This is especially true when it comes to their diet. There are so many different cat food brands out there, which can make things so confusing for a pet owner. With Walmart being our go-to for our cat’s essentials, I wanted to make sure I was making the best choice for Marbles when deciding on her cat food.  One brand, Purina ONE® dry cat food, can be easily found on the Dry Cat Food aisle at Walmart!  28-Day Challenge with Purina ONE® Everyone has heard or seen of the Purina ONE® pet food at least once while shopping at Walmart, especially if they own a pet. I have seen the Purina ONE® brand multiple times while picking up cat litter and other cat essentials from Walmart.  Purina ONE® brand dry cat food has these following claims: Crafted in Purina-owned facilities in the USA Natural with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients *Excluding Urinary Tract Health Formula Every ingredient has a purpose Veterinarian recommended 0% fillers No poultry by-product meal, artificial colors flavors or preservatives I knew making the switch to Purina ONE® dry cat food would be a smart one after learning about all the dry cat food claims! Not sure about making the switch from your current cat food brand if you are not already using Purina ONE®? Take the 28-Day Challenge with Purina ONE® where you could see visible differences in just 28 days!  We did not hesitate to register Marbles for the 28-Day Challenge. As I mentioned earlier, she is an important member of our family and anything to improve her well-being is great with us! Plus, it is such an easy challenge. Once you register, you will feed your cat the recommended amount of cat food each day for 28 days. Note any visible differences that you see within this time frame.  Visible Differences that you could see with your own cat. After completing 27 days of the 28 Day Challenge, we have seen many visible differences in Marbles. You may see similar differences in your own cat! On Day 1, Marbles was more excited about eating Purina ONE® dry cat food. This is all due to the great taste and real meat as the #1 ingredient* (*excluding UT Health Formula). On around Day 7, Marbles had vibrant energy. She was not laying around as much as she had been and was actually wanting to play with my 2 1/2 year old daughter. This was so exciting to see! The purposeful nutrition in every bag of Purina ONE® helps support healthy energy in cats.  On Day 21, Marbles’ tuxedo fur coat was more radiant and her eyes were sparkling. Around the end of the third week, look for clear, alert eyes and a healthy skin and coat, supported by the omega-6 fatty acid, vitamins & minerals provided by Purina ONE®.  We are now looking forward to possibly seeing a stronger immune system as well as strong teeth, healthy gums, heart, and joints!  Don’t wait to join in on the 28-Day Challenge with Purina ONE®. As you can tell from Marbles’ results, these are some awesome visible differences that we were able to take note of. We were so excited to see these differences! You could see the exact same with your cat when taking the 28-Day Challenge with Purina ONE®. So take your pet from “good” to “great”! With Purina ONE®, you could see visible differences in just 28 days—like strong teeth, vibrant energy, sparkling eyes, and a radiant coat. Make the switch today and save on Purina ONE® when you register for the 28-Day Challenge at What differences will you see? Visit your local Walmart to redeem your offer and realize your pet’s potential*. Make sure to redeem this offer at your local Walmart! *Save on ONE (1) 2.8-lb. or larger bag of Purina ONE® SmartBlend® Dry Dog Food, any variety, or 2.8-lb. or larger bag of Purina ONE® Dry Cat Food, any variety. While supplies last.