How to Have Fun and Easy Science Activities At Home

How to Have Fun and Easy Science Activities At Home
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As a teacher turned SAHM, trying to find fun and easy science activities can be quite stressful. Constantly searching Pinterest for an experiment or activity that my kids would enjoy as well as be easy. I have found the best solution for this problem: Little Passports!

Little Passports has yet to disappoint. We received our 2nd subscription box this past week. I was not sure if this month would be able to meet the high expectations after completing last month’s subscription box. Boy was I wrong. I believe my kids enjoyed this box even more than last months!

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So, what is Little Passports?  Little Passports is an age-specific, educational subscription box. We are receiving a 3 month subscription in return for a review of each month. My kids opted for the Science Expedition subscription box. It is intended for ages 9+. Although  my children are under the age of 9, they have enjoyed every bit of these past 2 boxes! I believe a child is never to young to be introduced to science, and these boxes have done just that 🙂 The other subscription boxes that are available are: World Edition (ages 6-10), Early Explorers (3-5), and USA Edition (7-12).

So what makes these boxes so special?! Well it is the no-planning educational aspect. These boxes are put together with fun and exciting activities. Plus it is the ‘surprise’ factor that gets my kids. What kid is not obsessed with surprise eggs or blind bags? My kids are more than obsessed. This takes that obsession and adds an educational element-#momwin!

This past Saturday, we spent the morning doing science activities. It was the perfect way to start our Saturday. This was done after my first cup of coffee though 😉 Alright, lets get to talking about this month’s box. The topic of the box was Buoyancy. The 3 activities included were: Paper Marbling, Float Your Boat, and Wave Maker. Each one of these was FANTASTIC! My 5 and 6 year old wanted to do them over and over again. I had all the extra needed supplies already on hand at the house. No need to make a trip to the store. Another thing I love about this subscription box.

Paper Marbling

This activity was a little lengthy compared to the others in the box. There was a lot of waiting time, but that was fine because we did another activity during that time. Side note: These activities do require parental guidance, which I think is great. I enjoy engaging with my children when it comes to these educational activities 🙂 Be prepared to be amazed at this activity! My kids sure were.

Float Your Boat

The Float Your Boat activity was my son’s favorite. Of course my son and daughter had to make it a contest to see whose boat would be able to hold the most pennies. When my daughter learned the science behind why each boat shape could hold a certain amount of pennies, she was ready to compete again with the winning boat shape. Let’s be honest. We did this activity a few times 😉

Wave Maker

If you haven’t made one of these by now, this is the perfect opportunity! You have the bottle ready to go in this kit. The only other thing we needed was oil and food coloring. I had baby oil on hand, which was preferred due it being clear (and looks the best). The extra educational tidbit included with the activity was great. It explained the relationship between oil and water.

So from one Pinterest mom to another, give Little Passports a try. It will save your sanity on those days when your kids are craving for a well-planned activity!

Check out Little Passports here!

If you missed my last month’s post about our first Little Passports subscription box, check it out! Little Passports Subscription Box 1

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