How to Create a Toddler Reading Nook

Spread the loveI can’t believe I am already redecorating and creating a reading nook in my youngest’s room. With her turning three this weekend, we decided to give her a ‘big girl’ room without a crib/toddler bed and her very own reading nook! Can I just add that she is on top of the world with the new additions? She may not have a desk in her room like her older siblings, but she can hide and read all she wants in this reading nook! Upgrading that baby room to a toddler room. All Chloe’s room really needed was a little upgrade: taking out her crib/toddler bed and adding a twin bed. I also went through all of her toys and books to remove anything that was too ‘baby’ for her. Lastily, we created a reading nook in one of the corners of her room! Upgrading a baby room to a toddle room is basically a little bit of re-organizing and moving things around! Creating a reading nook. It did not take long for my youngest to start loving to read books. My oldest is all about reading, and Chloe has picked up on that too! Creating Chloe her very own space for ‘reading’ her books was a must for her room upgrade. We already had the bookshelf that we had ordered from Ikea. I only needed to upgrade it by adding decorative contact paper to the back of the shelves. There are so many different options for decorating shelves, with cute contact paper or even wallpaper! To create this reading nook, we needed a canopy, seating, and fun lighting/decor. There are so many fun canopy designs available. We kept Chloe’s canopy simple with gold hearts on a white background since she received this wall art from Drew Barrymore’s Flower Kids Line at Walmart. This Watercolor Rainbow wall art is too cute! It set the mood for her reading nook area! For the seating area under the canopy, opt for something that not only is comfortable but saves space. This stuffed animal bean bag chair was the perfect ‘reading chair’ for this toddler reading nook. It not only helps keep all those stuffed animals up and out of the way, but also gives way for a fun seating space for reading. The super cute pink velvet pillow sham along with Chloe’s Cuddle and Kind bunny adds that extra cuteness! LED lights always make things more fun, am I right? When we found these Rainbow LED Fairy lights at Target (which are battery powered), we had to have them. They easily drape over the canopy to give way to a magical reading space. Reading opens the doors to imagination. I have always found reading to be so important for our children. It is never to early too introduce reading to your kids, even with a reading nook to make it a special adventure every time they reach for a book.   Check out all of these items used for our toddler reading nook!