How Nashville is the Perfect Girls’ Getaway

Spread the loveWith today being the ‘day of love’, I can’t help but think about all those who I love and truly care for. Exactly 2 weeks from today, my love grew even more after a quick weekend trip to Nashville. I left Nashville with girl friends that I never would have thought I would have as well as a new love for Nashville. Here is how Nashville is the perfect girls’ getaway! Taking the plunge into traveling alone. I don’t know if you all know the story behind this Nashville trip, but it plays an important part in the entire weekend. Around the end of October, early November, the plan to have a blogger getaway came into works. The amazing Katie Crenshaw (if you aren’t following her, you need to right now…like NOW), who started this amazing group for women bloggers, thought it would be great for all of us to get together. Now mind you, majority of us have only met through social media. Isn’t social media crazy like that? You can make connections with people all over the world! Nashville was decided for the official “Root and Rise 2020 Blogger Meetup”. Over 30 of us bloggers traveled from all over to get to this one location. I can never forget the feeling I had as I sat in the New Orleans airport: What in the world am I doing? I have never met any of these girls in ‘real life’. What if I feel awkward? What if I feel out of place? What if…what if…. Then I quickly reminded myself that it was time to end all those ‘what if’s’. The year 2020 is for self growth, and my anxiety was not going to get the best of me. BEST DECISION EVER! Nashville is more than the Music City. Being from around Baton Rouge, I am used to the hustle and bustle of New Orleans. Nashville is a completely different scene from the well known French Quarter and Bourbon Street of NOLA. Don’t get me wrong here. I love me some NOLA. With all the food, jazz music, food…wait, I already said that, one has got to love good ol’ NOLA. Nashville though, brings the country and southern comfort to make you feel right at home. There is so much more to Nashville than its well known music. From the amazing food, music, to the wall art murals, Nashville has much to offer. Here are a few places I highly recommend after our weekend getaway. That food. Oh that food. I am a southern girl, and I am all about chicken and all things spicy. Real spicy to be exact. If you get the chance to visit Nashville, there are a few places you must stop by. Makeready is a more than delicious restaurant at the bottom floor of the Noelle Hotel off of Fourth Avenue. It truly brings that southern food spread to life, with the food and the plating. We all know how southerners love their cast iron pots and skillets. The roasted carrots were beautifully plated in a cast iron pot, along with a pot of black-eyed peas, and Nashville’s famous hot chicken on a wooden cutting board. Y’all, this food is more than delicious! FGL House may appear to be a typical ‘tourist’ place to grab a bite to eat, but the food says otherwise. We stopped here to eat lunch after our fun visit to the Goo Goo Shop. I ordered the hot chicken salad. The hot chicken, bleu cheese, pickles, all added to a mixed greens was hands down one of the best salads I have had! The bloody mary was not too bad either 😉 Goo Goo Cluster Shop Have you ever tried a Goo Goo Cluster? If not, you are truly missing out! These chocolatey confections are so yummy and more than thrilled that I got a chance to stop by the Goo Goo Cluster Shop to create my very own Goo Goo Cluster. Do not miss out on this satisfying place. Breakfast on point. Proper Bagel Oh my cream cheese y’all! If you are a fan of bagels and cream cheese, then Proper Bagel is for you. A few of us got the chance to stop by there one morning for brunch, and I was amazed at the selections. There was so many different options of cream cheese as well as bagels. Not only were there bagels, but the pastry selection? Check it out for yourself. What to do around Nashville? Nashville is Nashville, meaning there is so much to do. If you are looking for casual/lounging type of fun, then strolling along Broadway is a must. There are so many lounges and bars as well as restaurants to visit. I can’t forget about all the amazing music that will be heard at practically every stop. Looking for places to view local artwork or maybe take a quick Instagram-able photo? There are so many different murals in and around Nashville. One specific one is Off the Wall Nashville. We had an amazing local photographer, Ellie Kay Photography, meet up with us to shoot some pictures of us. Y’all, hands down one of the most fun places to take photos! There is also the Grand Ole Opry, Johnny Cash Museum, Belle Meade Plantation, and so much more! With us only being in Nashville for the weekend, we were not able to fit it all in. This is more reason to go back 🙂 Make Nashville your next getaway for a Girls’ trip! We may not have been able to see it all, but we did get a lot of Nashville in for the short amount of time we were there. From the great food, music, and lounges, everything was even better than expected. We all left with a part of Nashville, but more so with new friendships that I can’t even begin to describe. More than thankful for taking that jump and meeting up with all these amazing women. Thank you, Nashville! Friendship is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends we choose. -Tennessee Williams Check out these blog posts about Nashville from the other bloggers aka friends! Oh Happy Play Meg O. On the Go The Amabisca Best Murals In Nashville Millie and Moses Katie Crenshaw Twins and Coffee