Hosting a Super Bowl Party with Kids

Hosting a Super Bowl Party with Kids
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This post is sponsored by Frank’s Red Hot but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Down, set, hut! Can you believe the New Year is finally upon us. With that being said, we also know that Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. You don’t have to be a huge football fan to enjoy the Super Bowl (even though we love us some football in this house). A Super Bowl party can be simple and fun for all those alike.

Planning a Super Bowl Party: kids included.

Planning a Super Bowl party around kids can seem tricky due to picky eaters or the kids getting ‘bored’ while everyone else is watching the football game, the half-time show, and of course all those infamous commercials. Being a mom of 3, I knew I had to come up with some way to make this event fun for all. Here are a few ways to host a Super Bowl party with kids.

Crafts and more crafts.

What kid doesn’t like some sort of craft? I know my kids love crafts. These can be so easy! For our Super Bowl party, we had felt footballs and a team megaphone. All you need is a brown sheet of felt, a white sheet of felt, construction paper, and markers/crayons.

Cut football shapes out of the brown felt and dashes from the white felt. I love crafts that include felt because it naturally sticks together-no glue or tape needed! The kids can assembly their very own footballs with ease. Now for the team megaphones. Cut out megaphone shapes from construction paper. Let the kids decorate and design their very own megaphone. It is all that easy. Go Team!

Predicting the game score.

For older kids who understand the concept of the football game and score, you can have them all predict what they think will be the final score. It is fun to see who is the closest to guessing the outcome of the game!

Kid-approved food: Frank’s RedHot Wings

I don’t know about all of you, but trying to figure out foods that my kids will eat can be pretty tricky. I have some picky eaters on my hands. So when it came to planning a Super Bowl party menu, I had to keep my kids in mind. Enter in Frank’s RedHot Wings! Frank’s RedHot is well known for its tasty sauces that can be added to any food or condiment to give it that something extra. Their new  RedHot Wings come in 3 flavors: Kickin’ BBQ, Buffalo, and Original Cayenne Pepper flavor. 

These are not only a hit with my kids, but for everyone! Did I mention you can pick these up in the Walmart freezer section? These can be picked up along with all the other party necessities. Life saver when you are trying to plan a party with 3 kids. Frank’s RedHot Wings are precooked chicken wings that only need to be reheated, by oven or microwave. We popped these into the oven for about 23-25 minutes.

Voila! They are ready to be served. Even though they are delicious alone, you can serve with a side of dip. My kids love their dips. We decided to go with a basic ranch dip and a spicy mayonnaise dip made with 1 cup of mayonnaise and 1/8 cup of Frank’s RedHot Original sauce.

As you can tell, these Frank’s RedHot Wings were a hit for all!

So don’t let Super Bowl party planning be too troublesome when hosting with kids. Pick up your craft items as well as Frank’s RedHot Wings at your local Walmart! You will be more than ready for the Big Game!

Happy hosting!


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