Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Gift Ideas for Kids

Spread the loveCan you believe it? Christmas is literally a little over a month a way! I am still trying to go down my list and figure out what gifts need to be bought. I know the thinking of gifts can get pretty overwhelming, so I have put together my top 5 gift ideas for kids! ZURU Max Build More Blocks If your kid has a love for building blocks, then these MUST make the list. ZURU released their Max Build More blocks in October, and it couldn’t have been timed any more perfect. These building blocks come in a variety of colors not seen in most block sets. Each container can be used for storage, mom win!   Plus, these sets come with tons of ideas for what can be built. I can’t forget to mention that Max Build More blocks are compatible with Legos. Say what?! OOLY If you have a child that is all about arts and crafts, then OOLY is your go to brand this holiday season. I have fallen in love with every single item that they have to offer: from scented pens/pencils to journal books and crafts kits. My unicorn-obsessed daughter cannot get enough of OOLY, and neither will your kids! Eat2Explore Are you a fan of those ‘mailbox’ meals like Home Chef or Blue Apron? Well Eat2Explore takes that concept and puts a kid-friendly twist on it. It is all about exploring the world in your very own kitchen. It was started by a mother who understands that busy families may find it difficult to get in the kitchen with their kids. Eat2Explore was created to give kids a hands-on cooking and culture exploration while making memories with the entire family.   How does it work? It works similar to most subscription-type boxes. You can choose a 1 month, 3 month, 4 month, or even 12 month subscription. Your child also has the option on exploring countries, continents, and even the entire world! My daughter was so excited when she received her first box from Italy. Each box comes with a passport, a collectible, recipe card, Country Explorer (talks about the country), activity sheet, special sauce(s) and special mix(es). Once you receive your box in the mailbox, then you will shop for the fresh ingredients listed on the recipe card! I can’t describe how awesome Eat2Explore is for your family as whole. Making memories in the kitchen is such an awesome thing. ZURU Rainbocorns Y’all, I can’t hold in my excitement on the cuteness this surprise toy holds. ZURU’s Rainbocorns are so much more than your typical surprise-type toy. Each magical large egg (yes, these are not your typical handheld surprise egg), hatches a plush and plump Rainbocorn: either an Unicorn, Hamstercorn, Puppycorn, Kittycorn, Bunnycorn, or Monkeycorn. Their bright, glittery eyes are adorable as is their colorful fuzzy hair around their horn. Along with the plush unicorn is another small surprise egg filled with a Boo-Boocorn collectible and a large sequin clip that can be seen on the very front of the egg. Each sequin heart reveals a surprise image. This one toy is full of 3 surprises and endless amount of cuteness! iKnowABC The last holiday gift idea that I have is iKnowABC. iKnowABC is an online adventure that allows you to make memories with your child while they are learning. There are 3 different aspects of iKnowABC: Home Adventure, Digital Library, and School Adventure. Home Adventure is great for engaging with your child while they are learning how to read. It allows you to access daily plans, activities, healthy snack ideas and so much more! The Digital Library allows your child to keep up with eBooks, videos, songs, printables, and games that he/she loves within iKnowABC all in one place! School Adventure is all about children learning on their own through play. Your child will take an epic journey around the world in search of secret letters. It is self-paced and makes learning to read a playtime adventure! My youngest LOVES iKnowABC. Her favorite phrase while we are on iKnowABC is ‘I do, I do!’ And another awesome note! iKnowABC is offering 1 month or 6 months free when you subscribe!   Pillow Pets I know I said only top 5 gift ideas, but this one had to be added to the list after seeing how much my youngest loved her Pillow Pet! It is one of the cutest gift ideas I have ever seen. It is a stuffed animal that can be also used as a small pillow just by opening it up. There are many different character options, and my youngest loves her some Minnie Mouse. You can find this one on Amazon as well as many other options! Here is the link for this cute Minnie Mouse Denim Pillow Pet:   I hope you all check out these great ideas and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!