Having a Halloween Party Without the Chaos

Having a Halloween Party Without the Chaos
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This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It is officially not only the fall, but we are finally in the month of October. All those fun things related to fall can officially begin! Even though a lot of us may have already started 2 month ago ;). Halloween is one of those fun family festivities that can get a little chaotic with it usually occurring during a school week. Here is a great solution to battling that chaos by having a Halloween Party with Red Baron pizza.

Party Planning.

Planning your Halloween party is a must to ensure that it goes smoothly, especially when Halloween falls during the week. Thankfully no homework is scheduled on this night, so we can spend more time prepping for our night of family fun! You need to decide on who all you want to come over, just like with any other party. It has mainly been family the past few years, but we are hoping to add friends to the mix now that the kids are getting older.

Next decide on a craft as well as the food options! The quantity will obviously depend on how many are planning to come to the Halloween party.

Plates, cups, and decor.

Y’all, decorating for Halloween is so much fun. It is all up to you how spooky or non-spooky you make it. I choose not to go too spooky when it comes to all the decor. I love to keep it fun and simple! For our Halloween party, I went with fun Halloween decorated plates and milk jug glasses. Little pumpkins, a big hairy spider, and vase full of glow bracelets made up the center piece as well as a fun little wooden block with the quote ‘No tricks, just treats.’ Couldn’t agree more to that quote!

Halloween party craft.

For our before trick or treating party, we wanted to include a fun Halloween craft. This craft can be so simple! We picked up a few painting kids for $1. There are so many Halloween craft kits out there. This one was easy and quick before we enjoyed our pizza.

The kids painted their own wooden Halloween plaque. Plastic cups were used for cleaning those paint brushes in between colors. While the kids are out collecting candy, these plaques will be able to dry.

Another fun and easy craft is decorating plastic pumpkins. Like the craft kits, there lots of kits for decorating the outside of pumpkins without carving. Great for little hands!

Dinner is served with Red Baron.

The last thing you need to decide on is food. You are going to want to feed the kids something before trick or treating. We all know how much fun it is to enjoy a few pieces of that trick or treat candy when it is all over. So eating a meal beforehand is the best solution. Enter Red Baron pizza.

Planning a meal during the week is already difficult enough, but on Halloween night? Umm, yea. This mom of 3 is not wanting to have all that mealtime chaos when there is some family fun to be had. Thankfully, we can keep the chaos out of the picture with Red Baron pizza.

There are so many Red Baron pizza options to choose from. My kids are obsessed with the classic crust. With it being a Halloween party to celebrate all things Halloween, Red Baron pizza was a must.



While the kids were enjoying making their crafts, I got the pizzas cooked. Quick and easy clean up too! Everyone was fed before trick or treating and the kitchen was good to go. Halloween and mom win with Red Baron!

Do not forget to pick up Red Baron pizza for your Halloween festivities!


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