Happy Family Organics & the Happy Mama Mentors

Spread the loveThis post is sponsored by Happy Family Brands but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Let’s be real here, becoming a parent is not the most easiest thing in the world. The very beginning was probably one of the most stressful times for me as a new parent. I worried about everything from how to bathe my newborn to when and what to feed her. Now that I am mother of 3, I can say that I have learned a few things a long this journey through motherhood. Having a source to go to for advice is one of the biggest things that a parent can have. All the decisions when becoming a parent. I will never forget the moment I had my oldest. She was the most beautiful thing in the world, and yet I was so nervous at the thought of bringing her home. Feeding her was not the easiest of things at the very beginning. I was set on breast feeding her. It was a struggle for the first month, leading me to turn to exclusively pumping. Then this got too difficult with me having to return to work. So the decision to switch to formula was made. I thought that was going to be the hardest decision on what to feed her. This was until it was time to start solids. What to start first and how to start her on solids were the main questions that I continuously asked myself. I did not want to do anything wrong because that was the main fear I had as a new parent. Now, 2 more kids later, I have learned so much more about all those expectations when it comes to what and when to feed your child. Each one of my kids were so very different when it came to their feedings.   Thankfully we are not alone on this mission to feed our children with healthy options. Happy Family Organics understands how each family has a different story to add when it comes to feeding their children.  Not only do Happy Family Organics support parents by providing them with premium, organic snacks & meals but also with a free live chat service that was recently launched! Happy Mama Mentors This is a live chat service that allows parents to receive free advice on any feeding questions they may have. The Happy Mama Mentors are available 8am–8pm (EST) Mon-Fri & 8am–4pm (EST) Sat-Sun. Happy Family’s team of experts, the Happy Mama Mentors, are all registered dietitians, lactation specialists and are certified in infant and maternal nutrition. Plus, they are all moms! No better way to get advice on what to do when it comes to feedings but from other moms who understand. Happy Family Organics from baby to toddler. The Happy Mama Mentors can be found on Happy Family Organics’ main website, and all you have to do is click to start your live chat. There is no reason to worry or stress when you now have this wonderful resource available. My journey is still ongoing with my youngest being 2. We all know the struggle when it comes to toddlers and their pickiness! Glad my little one chooses Happy Tot because this mama knows she getting that nutrition that she needs! What is even cooler is that she started with the Happy Baby when she started solids almost 1 1/2 years ago. The Happy Family Organics products are here for you along this journey, through both their products and chat service. Check out there website and Happy Mama Mentors here!