Gardening Indoors with Seeds: Bring Back the Bees

Gardening Indoors with Seeds: Bring Back the Bees
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Who doesn’t love flowers? I am a huge fan of cut flowers, especially if I can grab them right out of my own backyard. We love gardening in our family, so this makes it very easy for this to happen. I know some of you may consider yourselves more of a black thumb than a green thumb. That is ok! This gardening indoors with seeds post will get feeling like a pro-gardener in a week!

We are an outdoors kind of family. We love to be outside whenever we can, except for when the temperature is in the 30’s (even risking it when it is in the 40’s). What can I say? We are from the south and are not fans of those ‘cooler’ temperatures. I can proudly say that we would not survive living up north during the wintry months!

Planting flowers or any plants from seeds may seem difficult or just too darn tasking, but it really isn’t if you know what will work best! We have planted many different plants/flowers from seed, but these have been the most successful so far. After purchasing this box of Cheerios, I knew we had to get to gardening.

Bring Back the Bees

Our state insect is the honey bee. As you all have probably heard, bee populations have been declining drastically. This is not a good thing for all the flowers and fruit producing plants. Without bees to pollinate, flowers and fruit producing plants will have difficulty thriving. Cheerios has decided to take a stand on helping these hardworking insects by partnering with Page’s Seeds in #BringBacktheBees to giveaway a packet of Cosmos Sensation Seed Mix Seeds in specially marked Honey Nut Cheerios. For more information, check out their site Bring Back the Bees with Cheerios

Gardening Indoors with Seeds: Bring Back the Bees

How we are bringing back the bees with Cheerios.

Of course we had to get right to planting those Cosmos Sensation seeds as soon as we got home with our box of Cheerios. Here is how we had great success in planting our seeds!

Items Needed:

1 Box of specially marked Honey Nut Cheerios

1 small bag of planting soil (best to use soil for potted plants)

1 empty egg crate (this plastic one was a fabulous mock greenhouse!)


Get to gardening.

Gardening Indoors with Seeds: Bring Back the Bees

The first step is to pre-wash the egg carton. I like to do this especially if my kids are helping me garden with them. Raw eggs and little hands just make me anxious, so take this extra step! Once you have your egg crate ready, fill each pod 3/4’s full of soil.

Gardening Indoors with Seeds: Bring Back the Bees
Fill pods 3/4 full with soil.

Place 2 Cosmos Sensation seeds into each pod and cover lightly with soil. You don’t want to put too much soil on top of the seeds or they will not be able to get enough sun to start growing. Water to dampen the soil.

Gardening Indoors with Seeds: Bring Back the Bees
Place 2 seeds into each pod.

Now place in a sunny spot!

I put down the clear cover over the seedlings while they were germinating in the sunlight. This gave them a greenhouse type of environment! Of course you don’t have to worry about this if you aren’t able to find a clear plastic egg crate at your local grocery store. Our seedlings were sprouting in 2 days and already 2 1/2″ in height at 1 week!

Gardening Indoors with Seeds: Bring Back the Bees

Once your plants reach about 3″ in height, it is a good time to either transfer to a sunny spot in the yard or into a larger pot. The plants will need more room for their roots and to grow even bigger to give you those pretty flowers perfect for the bees. I would wait for a little warmer temperatures before placing outdoors. You don’t want these new plants to freeze.

Good luck on using those green thumbs to help #BringBacktheBees!

Gardening Indoors with Seeds: Bring Back the Bees

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