First Day of School Teacher Gifts

Spread the loveThis post is sponsored by Post It but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. The first day of school is practically here for my older kids. So we are wrapping up all our back to school prepping with putting together teacher gifts. Teachers do so much for our children each and every school day, including more time outside of school that we don’t even know about. Showing them that special appreciation on the first day of school with a small gift is well deserved! So what kind of first day of school teacher gifts can you give? Those hardworking teachers deserve a First Day of School gift. I can say from personal experience that I know how much work each teacher puts into her/his job, both emotionally and physically. I not only used to teach before I had my son, but I come from a family of teachers: two sisters teach, my mom teaches, aunt teaches, and another aunt is a retired teacher. Lets just say my family loves to teach! Teachers spend lots of time not only in the classroom, but also outside the classroom prepping for each and every day. A lot of the time, lessons plans may need to be adjusted to fit certain children based on their learning capabilities. Yep, extra work not recorded. Teachers don’t get paid overtime or turn in hours. I can tell you that there were many nights where I was up late still grading papers or working on a lesson plan for a science experiment that I knew my kids would just love! Supply lists are for your children, not the teacher. What about those school supply lists? Those supply lists are not for the teacher. These items are specifically there to help each child succeed during the year. Some may wonder why a bag of candy may be on the list. Well, some teachers think outside the box and will find all sorts of ways to motivate their students to reach for the educational goals: candy may be what works. And those sanitizing wipes? We all know how many germs are spread during the school year, hello flu season! Keeping the classrooms clean helps keep the students in class to learn. Just remember that those school supply lists are important for you child! Putting together those gifts. So what could you gift a teacher on the first day of school? There are so many different options when it comes to preparing a small gift for your child’s teacher. Note: I said ‘small’ gift. You don’t have to gift these teachers something big. They are grateful for all things. I can promise you that! Here are a couple of ideas that would make that first day gift. Treat bag full of candy/mints. Those teachers need an extra pick-me-up some days. Since gum is not allowed in most schools, the obvious route would be mints and chocolate. Perfect treat to have stashed away in their desk during test prep or after a long day teaching. Teacher supplies. Some may think this would be a ‘boring’ gift. Let me tell you, it is not! Teachers have to come out of pocket a lot of the time to purchase their own school supplies for the classroom. Why not gift them? Post-it® and Scotch® Stationery Products make for perfect gift items. Can you imagine how many assignments are turned in torn? Enter in Scotch® Magic Tape to the rescue! What about having to take extra side notes about what needs to be done in class the following day, or maybe a note to the school office about needing extra copies of a class worksheet? Post-it® Super Sticky Notes Cube and the Post-it® Flags Value Pack to the rescue! I even use all these products at home. I know how helpful they can be when it comes to all my kids’ class assignments. You can place these items in any type of treat bag or gift bag, add some fun curling ribbon with a gift tag, and voila! My kids even love to add their own special touch with stickers and sometimes cute little messages. Grabbing those gift items at Walmart and get a special promo. What makes this gifting process easy is that you can purchase all the items at Walmart while you are out picking up those back to school supplies. You know what is even better? Purchase $10 of Post-it® and Scotch™ stationery back to school supplies from your local Walmart between 7/22/19 and 9/8/19 and get a $10 Fandango Promo Code* for your next movie ticket purchase. How awesome is this? Simply head over the website, upload your receipt with the qualified items starred and enter your info by 9/30. Submissions are reviewed within 2-5 business days. Once your submission has been validated, you will receive an email with a $10 Fandango Promo Code*. Hurry while supplies last! *Visit for full details. The smallest of gifts can be the most thoughtful. You don’t have to go extravagant when putting together a first day of school gift for your child’s teacher. These simple things are the most thoughtful. Items that will let the teacher know that you are thinking of her/him and know the hard work that they put into each day with your child. Happy school year!