Easy Spring to Summer Outfits

Spread the love Summer is here as is planning those summer outfits for vacations and around all that pool time. I am trying my best to keep up with these steadily rising temperatures here in Louisiana. And man are they rising. Finding outfits that are perfect for that spring to summer transition is not too difficult when you have so many cute clothing options available along with the continuous trend of those light blazers and blue jean jackets. Mom life sometimes needs a mom style, summer outfits. Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t mean anything by saying moms require a ‘mom style’. What I will say is clothes that are deemed kid-safe are perfect to have on hand during those more chaotic months, ahem, the summer. The great thing is that you can still be stylish while rocking a mom style. Here are my 3 favorites for transitioning into those summer months! Preppy has never been so cute. I have never truly considered myself as one to dress more on the preppy side. I do own a few Polo tops, but nothing that just jumps out at you when you walk through my closet. This outfit though. It is not only comfy and light, but it is oh so cute. The small stripped button up sleeveless top is the perfect addition with this marigold button up linen skirt. The top can be mixed with other bottoms, and even tied to give it a more cropped look instead of tucked in. The price was a winner for me! This entire outfit was under $20 at Forever 21. Yep. Stripes and elastic. Elastic shorts have never been so, well, stylish. Loving these striped shorts for more than the elastic. They are a great fit and are perfect for running any errands. The light material is also perfect for those warmer months. I paired these shorts with a thick cotton tank. Guess how much this tank is? Y’all, it is only $3.90! Yep! You would never guess that it is that cheap by the feel and look of it. Nicely made. I was ready to conquer all in this outfit, including my toddlers random assortment of toys behind me. Casual and varsity tanks. I have always had a thing for those varsity-style tops. Something about those stripes make me feel vintage cute, if that even makes sense. I snatched this tank up while I was in Walmart. It is a lighter material and very soft. This shirt paired with these frayed denim shorts is the perfect casual outfit for any day. I have to mention that these shorts are really comfy! The denim actually has a stretch to them. They are not made out of your usual stiff blue jean material. So mamas, these bad boys will move and stretch with any toddler wrestling move and you will feel cute every second of it. Take it from me: everyone needs a pair of these shorts! Summer outfits have never been so comfy. A lot of the time I will choose cuteness over comfort.  Thankful for these outfits that don’t make me have to choose between the two! Hoping these outfits have inspired you to grab those outfits that not only are cute, but will help you conquer mom life like the super woman that you are!  Shop my outfits: