Easy Halloween Alphabet Bingo Boards

Easy Halloween Alphabet Bingo Boards
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Halloween is right around the corner, and my kids are extremely excited. They have already ran around our house a few times in their Halloween costumes. I decided to take this excitement to the next level with an easy bingo game: alphabet style with a little Halloween twist.

These bingo boards are seriously one of the easiest things I have ever put together for my kids. I picked up everything I needed at Michael’s while I was there grabbing a few Halloween decorations at 50% off. You may even have some of these items laying around the house, even better!

All you will need for these Halloween Alphabet Bingo Boards is:

  • Card stock (I would go with a thicker type paper here since the kids will be shuffling them around)
  • Alphabet Stickers ( You could opt out of these if you want to make these even easier; write the letters with a marker/sharpie.)
  • Marker/Sharpie (This will be used for drawing the lines on the bingo boards.)
  • Halloween Candy/Small Halloween Trinkets (These add to the Halloween fun when covering up the letters on the bingo board.)

Let’s get to making those bingo boards! First take your card stock and trim it to whatever size you want your bingo boards to be. Once you get those bingo boards cut to size, you will begin to draw the lines to separate all those letters. I am going to be honest here. I am the WORST at drawing a straight line. So I took the side of a book to make my straight lines. If you have a ruler, you can definitely use it here. I wasn’t sure about the spacing for my lines and put the first letter sticker on the board before I began to draw my lines. Randomly select letters to cover your bingo board and don’t forget that free space! I tried to draw a spider in my free space 😉

As for the game pieces, I purchased both small spider trinkets and those oh so tasty mellowcreme pumpkins. The spider trinkets ended up being a tad bit too big for the bingo spaces. We ended up using the pumpkins instead. My kids of course were ok with that! I took extra white card stock that I had lying around the house and wrote out the entire alphabet in marker on it. I then cut out each letter individually and placed them all in a small cup. These would serve as my letters to be drawn during the game.

Alphabet Bingo Time!

We all know how to play bingo, but here is a fun little extra educational tip. I had my kids tell me what the name of the letter drawn from the cup as well as the sound it makes. My son is in kindergarten, and this is a great learning tool for him as he is learning how to read.

I hope you all enjoy these Halloween Alphabet Bingo Boards as much as we did….Happy Halloween!

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