Easy Dollar Tree Pumpkin Decorating

Easy Dollar Tree Pumpkin Decorating
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Fall is in the air, well at least not the cooler weather here in Louisiana. The pumpkins are out in full force in my home….from pumpkin carving, pumpkin eating, and pumpkin decorating.

I am going to let you in on a secret to the best holiday trinkets and decor: Dollar Tree. Say whaaaat?! Yep, the one stop, dollar madness store. I absolutely LOVE shopping at the Dollar Tree. I may be the only one who goes into the Dollar Tree to spend over $40 $20.

Some of the best items to buy at the Dollar Tree are holiday trinkets and decor. I recently bought these pumpkin decorating kits, and they were more than a hit with my kids. Each kit comes with 4 different pumpkin decorations: a cat, a pirate, a silly face, and a bat. 4 for only $1!

The self adhesive cutout foam pieces make for easy and independent decorating for your little ones. My kids were ecstatic to be able to decorate their own pumpkins all by themselves, particularly my very independent 6 year old.

All you have to do is pop out the foam pieces and peel the paper off the backs to expose the sticky side. Then place them wherever on the pumpkin. My kids used small pie pumpkins (another deal with them only being $3 from Walmart), but a medium sized pumpkin would even work for these foam pieces. Another idea would be to purchase a plastic pumpkin from the Dollar Tree to decorate. Yes, they have them for only a $1!  The foam pieces that come in the kits are not cheaply made. It has been a few weeks and the stickers have yet to fall off on their own. The only reason why the ‘cat’ lost it’s left eye was due to a very curious 1 year old 😉

Once my kids had their pumpkins decorated, they did not want to let them out of their site. Let’s just say we had 2 extra dinner guests at our table later that evening.

So remember, check out Dollar Tree around any holiday to find great deals on those holiday trinkets and decor. We couldn’t have been more impressed with this pumpkin decorating  kit!

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