Easy DIY Spring Wreath

Easy DIY Spring Wreath
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Spring has almost sprung, especially with all the Easter and spring decor popping up in all the stores. I knew it was time to get something springy on my front door. This easy do-it-yourself spring wreath is perfect for those who like an easy project and are ready to get their house ready for spring.

Love those DIY projects.

I love easy DIY projects! There is just something about doing it yourself that makes me happy. Maybe it is the simple fact that I am getting exactly what I want for half the price or the idea that I accomplished something all on my own #fixeruppergoals. I had seen a few wreaths out and about and took these ideas to create my very own spring wreath.

You can always switch out the ribbon color and pattern as well as the floral/greenery pieces. I have seen wreaths with just lots of foliage and a big burlap ribbon. The options are endless and you can do whatever you want with this style wreath!

I found my grapevine/twig wreath frame from Walmart for only $4.95, but you can find these at pretty much any craft store. The ribbon and some of the greenery was picked up at Michael’s, 40% off! The yellow floral stems were at Target for only $3. I paid no more than $15 for my wreath supplies.

Items Needed:

grapevine/twig wreath frame

ribbon-I prefer wired ribbon because it can be easily shaped.

floral/greenery stem pieces

twine or string to tie ribbon


Now to assemble.

This wreath is extremely easy to assemble. If you have a bunch of greenery stems or floral stems that are attached, separate each stem. Take and distribute each stem piece all the way around the grapevine/twig wreath frame. To do this, just weave them between the twig branches. Make sure to distribute them evenly and along the width of the wreath so that it gives the wreath a natural and full appearance rather than a straight line or circle all the way around.

Once you have your stem pieces in place, start on the bow. I love to work with wired ribbon. You can do so much more with it in regards to holding a shape. It is up to you how many loops you want in your bow. I love a bigger, fuller bow. So went with a 6-looped bow. I used twine to tie my loops into place before adding it to the grapevine/twig frame. Didn’t want to lose that pretty bow shape.

Attach the bow to the wooden twig frame with twine. Take the extra ribbon and make the bow end pieces. I just took the bow end pieces and tucked them under the bow. You can always glue these pieces in place if you want.

Hang that beautiful spring wreath!

Now that you have your wreath all done, just get it hung on the door however you choose! Again, you can always add more greenery/floral stems as well as wooden decor. Happy Spring!

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