Easy DIY Halloween Diorama

Easy DIY Halloween Diorama
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I can’t believe we can finally talk about things that are fall related. I mean, don’t get me wrong here. I love the spring and summer months, but I am more than ready for the fall as these Louisiana summer months get a little too hot. So bring on some cooler weather along with those pumpkins! This Halloween Diorama is the perfect way to get the family excited about the fall and that holiday that has all the kids excited about dressing up in costume and repeating the phrase ‘Trick or Treat!”

DIY Halloween Diorama

What is a diorama?

If you have never heard of a diorama, it is basically a model or miniature scene that contains 3-dimmensional figures. This fun an easy Halloween diorama can be as spooky as you want to make it. We went with a less spooky one, but could have added more skeletons, witches and zombies (oh my!) 😉

DIY Halloween Diorama

Let’s get our creativeness going!

Making a diorama.

As mentioned above, a diorama is a mini model containing 3D figurines. You can purchase the main container/backdrop pre-made at some craft stores. In this activity, we are going to make our own!

Other than the main container, you need to collect all the mini figurines that you want in your diorama. If you don’t have any of these on hand (which I didn’t), you will need to purchase them at a local craft store or may even be able to find them at Walmart. I was able to find all of mine at Michael’s and use a coupon!

DIY Halloween Diorama

Other than these main items, you will also need paint and other accessories to fill your backdrop.

Items Needed:

Empty Milk or Water Jug: washed and dried    

Mini Halloween-themed figurines

Moss or pebbles

Spray paint

1/2 inch ribbon

Assembling the Diorama

Once you have all the needed items, it is time to start assembling!

  • Cut out an opening in the very front of the jug, enough to be able to see what is inside as well as make for a good working space.
DIY Halloween Diorama
  • Paint the jug! With this small can of spray paint, it was dry within 30 minutes.
DIY Halloween Diorama
  • Start assembling! We went with moss for our ‘flooring’. We placed our Halloween tree, haystacks, pumpkins, ghost with tombstone, spooky fence, as well as small spiders all inside our jug. Then took the bats and suspended them from the opening of the jug to make them appear as if they were flying around.
DIY Halloween Diorama
  • Lastly, find a place for it to be admired. My kids love to walk by it and talk about the bats or even the ghost 😉 You could even add miniature lights or a faux tealight for added light when it gets dark.
DIY Halloween Diorama
DIY Halloween Diorama

I hope you all enjoy making this Halloween Diorama as much as we did…and Happy Halloween!

DIY Halloween Diorama

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