How to Not Stress Over Spilled Goldfish

How to Not Stress Over Spilled Goldfish
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Y’all, it has truly been one of those weeks. T-Ball practice has started up as well as the other ‘spring’ madness. When it is just one of those days or weeks, I think I will not survive the shark infested waters (aka my children). I know there are some other mothers out there that know exactly what I am referring too. Let’s stop for a moment and not stress over spilled Goldfish.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Everyone knows the saying, ‘Don’t cry over spilled milk.’ Well as a parent, that saying has now become ‘Don’t stress over spilled Goldfish’! Spilled Goldfish is a daily occurrence in our home, whether it be by my toddler or 5 year old son. Days seem even longer when they include floors covered in crushed Goldfish.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

When I am having ‘one of those days or weeks’, the only thing I can do to keep what ever bit of sanity I have left is to remind myself to just keep swimming. I have noticed that when I begin to ‘drown’ and spiral it will bring my children along with me. I picture this happening much like one of those whirlpools that occur in the ocean. You know, like that one in The Little Mermaid?

So, what can I do to avoid this catastrophic event? I mean, it already feels like a war zone in my mind and home. Here are a few things that have helped me from spiraling and bringing down the kids with me.

  • Stop and breathe. Yep, that is it. I call it my “Tinkerbell Countdown”. Step away from the current madness, and take deep breaths while counting down.
  • Give yourself some quiet time. If it is at all possible, find yourself at least 5-15 minutes of quiet time. Give your kids an activity that can be done safely while you step away to a quiet spot in your house to escape. My day goes so much better when I include my quiet time. It is my chance to reconnect and realize how I should be handling my day.
  • Go to the park or just get outside. When my day is ridiculous, the last thing I ever contemplate is going any where with my already fighting kids. The true fact is that they actually get some of that energy out and find ways to get along when they are playing outside or at the park. Being outside in general can make anyone feel better. This past Saturday I thought the park was the last place I felt like going with my 3 kids after spending most of the morning breaking up arguments and trying to settle down my son’s meltdowns all while my youngest decided to ‘paint’ with her poop (Gross I know, but have to keep it real). You know what?! I stopped and took some “Tinkerbell time” and chose to go to the park. BEST DECISION OF THE DAY!
  • Just laugh. When I am at my wits end, I just start laughing. It is more like a crazy laugh, scary-crazy laugh. Boy does it feel good to just laugh it off.
  • Cry it out. There are times when you just need to cry. I am one of those ones that hold it in until I just can’t take another ounce. Once I hit that threshold, it has to go somewhere. This is when I take that quiet time and just cry. Crying is just one of those things that we all need to do at certain moments to get past where we are at that point in time. When I do finally have that ‘good cry’, I feel so much better and can conquer any argument right after. Well, sort of 😉

    Miss Chloe had been playing with mommy’s lipstick

Being a parent is not easy, but it is one of the most beautiful and honoring things of my life thus far. The love we have for our children always outweighs the madness that comes along with parenthood. So, don’t EVER feel alone when you have those times when you want to cry over spilled Goldfish. It will happen, more times that you can even plan. Just remember what you got to do to ‘Just keep swimming..’

How do you not stress over spilled Goldfish?


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