DIY Paint Designed Tea Towels

DIY Paint Designed Tea Towels
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DIY projects are so much fun, especially when I have the time to do them. I love it when I can turn my DIY projects into handmade gifts. This is when I cue the kids. Like me, they LOVE DIY projects. So when I told them they could make their own paint designed tea towels, they didn’t waste too much time getting to the table.

DIY Paint Designed Tea Towel

What is a tea towel?

Tea towels are perfect for the kitchen or even guest bathrooms. Tea towels are made from flat-woven material, either linen or cotton and are great for drying. They are also great for DIY projects.

You can take a plain tea towel and make it look as rustic or fancy as you want, great canvases for printed and stenciled designs. Since I was involving my kids on this project, decided to stick with fabric paint.

You can find tea towels pretty much any where. I found mine at Target. Just another reason why I love Target!

DIY Paint Designed Tea Towel

Project Underway.

The only items you will need for this project are: DIY Paint Designed Tea Towel

  1. tea towels
  2. fabric paint
  3. small paint brush

Once you have purchased these items, it is time to get the project under way. You will want to place something down before getting started. Tea towels are thin, and the paint will bleed through. I placed an unused garbage bag down to act as our drop cloth. Each kid got his/her own water and paint. I was not about to ruin our project time with the chance of this cup of water being knocked over.

DIY Paint Designed Tea Towel

Get creative with these tea towels! You can even incorporate a stencil if you want! My kids were designing their tea towels for gifts, hence the ‘I love you’ on them. My son had to have a ‘sphere’ and ‘cube’ on his since that is what he has been learning in school. Then my daughter had to have a flower on hers.

DIY Paint Designed Tea Towel

Allow for the paint to completely dry. The fabric paint we used took a few hours to completely dry, but my kids also used a lot of paint. Then toss them into the washer for a quick wash before use. Make sure to first read the label of whichever fabric paint you decide to use. It may have some added/different steps compared to the paint we picked up.

Enjoy using these tea towels for your own home or gifting them to someone special!

DIY Paint Designed Tea Towel

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