Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

Spread the loveToddler Tantrums…one of those things that just comes with the territory. I know all of you mothers with toddlers or had toddlers know exactly where I am coming from. I remember hearing about the ‘Terrible Twos’ after my oldest turned 1. You just wait for the ‘Terrible Twos’! Umm there is no such thing as the “Terrible Twos’ in my opinion. It is the “Terrible, No Good, Exhausting Toddler Years’. All mine started shortly after turning 1 year. Once they hit that bench mark, it was a different story in our home. I currently have a 17 month old who truly believes she is the Queen of the Cook household. Ya’ll!!! I don’t even know what to do with her and she is only 17 months old……so what sets off these Toddler Tantrums? The Toddler Ticking Time Bombs Yep, that is what I will refer to her most of these days. Our Toddler Ticking Time Bomb, or TTTB for short 😉 Here are a few things that ignite the fire in our home: Looking at her the wrong way: God forbid we smile at her when she doesn’t want to be smiled at Taking away her left over food where she can’t continue to throw it all on the floor: Noodles are the WORST thing to clean up She has to wear a diaper: Yes, I am referring to a CLEAN diaper She has to get out of the bath after being in it for an hour Not being able to play in the toilet: It is clean, so why can’t she play in it? Not allowing her to eat the hard candy that her siblings are enjoying: I guess I can relate to this one Flipping off the couch like a professional gymnast when we all know that she has a few more years until she can achieve such a status To sum it all up, my toddler’s tantrum is ignited as soon as she is told ‘No’ or refused any such behavior that we as parents know is not the best choice for her. So for all of you dealing with a TTTB, stay strong! Like they say, these TTTB’s won’t be for long. Sit back and enjoy the ride….some days, that is the only option.  Step away and let them fuse out on their own 😉  Any of you mommas dealing with a TTTB right now? How do ya’ll deal?