Choosing to be ‘That Mother’

Choosing to be ‘That Mother’
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As I was riding in the passenger seat, I began to think about my list of ways to make 2018 the best year yet. Don’t we all find ourselves doing the same thing around this time EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR? The more I reminisced on the past year, the more I found myself spiraling downward. Why wasn’t I able to stay strong to all the things I had intended at the beginning of the prior year?

My lists are either misplaced or forgotten when life hits the crazy button. Too bad there isn’t a pause button, right?! The more I thought about my list, the more I realized how different this one was from years before. Maybe it was all the little voices in the back of the car or knowing how past lists never kept their promises. Or maybe it was the thoughts of family and friends spending Christmas without a special loved one.

I turned to see what all the fighting was about in the back of the car. No matter how much screaming and yelling was occurring among the tired-of-riding children, I saw beauty in each one of their faces. Then I started to think to myself (yes, it may seem a little morbid), ‘What would my children say about me if I were to leave this world? Would they say I was a mother that loved them unconditionally? Would they say I was a mother who made life more ‘fun’? Or would they say I was a mother who yelled and always seemed angry?’

My heart sank a little as I thought of these questions. I knew exactly what I wanted my kids to think of me. I wanted them to say I was a mother that loved them unconditionally and was irreplaceable.

So from that, my list for 2018 came to look something like this:

  1. Laugh MORE
  2. Hug MORE
  3. Say ‘I love you!’ MORE
  4. Be MORE spontaneous
  5. Play MORE than constantly cleaning
  6. Be SILLY

I choose to be ‘That Mother’ this year. I will find MORE time enjoying life with my kids. Instead of going through life trying to stay a float, I will go more with the flow. I will try to stop fighting the current….all the other things will fall into place.

Cheers to keeping up with those lists and a very Happy New Year!

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