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Cheap and Easy Junk Drawer Organization

Cheap and Easy Junk Drawer Organization
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Ugh..that dreaded junk drawer. I believe everyone has at least one of these darn things. They are so good in that they help store and hide away all those things that are not needed out on the counter or tucked away where you can’t get to them easily. With the constant use of all things it contains or just quickly hidden away, it gets to be a real mess quick. Here is a cheap and easy way to get that junk drawer organization underway!

I promise I feel like I do this every year around this time. Get this house under control by reorganizing it. Kids’ rooms, closets, pet essentials (like how I did Marble’s 5 Tips for Organizing Your Cat’s Essentials), kitchen cabinets, and that junk drawer. My kids are in and out of that junk drawer so much. You know what? It is never the same once they get in it. Go figure!

Getting it done.

Ok, we all get the concept of organization. You basically put things in a specific, designated spot. Everything has a home and all looks so nice and clean. There are so many different organization tools available for purchasing. Who doesn’t want a good reason for going to Target? Well, I would rather spend my money on other things while at Target (hint: clothes, decor..). What if I share my secret of saving money while getting organized at the same time? I say that is a win-win!

Here are the steps into getting that junk drawer organized and how I save money while doing it!

Start grouping.

We should be pros at the whole grouping  ‘likes’ together by now, rather it from matching socks or playing multiple rounds of Matching with our little ones. The first step in organizing is pulling everything out and sorting through it. Pens and pencils together, rubber bands….you get the picture. You may even find lots of things that don’t even need to be there. Toss or put it where it needs to go.

Put those mismatched and missing tupperware containers to get use.

Everyone has to have at least one set of tupperware that is missing a lid or counter partner. Instead of throwing these away, put them to good use! You are getting the kitchen storage containers organized at the same time with this step. Of course you need to use sizes and shapes that will fit into your junk drawer. I had a few that were missing lids. They must be somewhere with all those lost socks.

After finding the right fit for your drawer, put all those things you had sorted earlier into a designated tupperware container. I know these tupperware containers may not be chic or designer quality, but they are useful and hidden away in a drawer. Why should it really matter? Plus, you are not having to spend money on things you truly don’t need since you have these.

Organized and feeling good.

Oh the feeling of when all things are right in their place. I love the feeling of feeling organized! It seriously lowers my anxiety level as well as putting an end to ‘Where the heck is..’ phrase. Well, sort of. I do I have three young kids who love to move things around.

If you don’t have any tupperware that you can use at your house, no worries! I have found very reasonable and cheap tupperware or small desk organization containers at Target. Grab those instead and get to organizing!

Happy Organizing!



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