Boating Fun for the Entire Family

Spread the loveThis post is sponsored by Discover Boating but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Although I am from the South, I cannot say I know a whole lot about boats. Sure I have been on a boat or two, mainly for some fishing and cruising. This was all made possible by having friends or family owning a boat. Now that I have a crew of my own, anything involving a boat may seem impossible. Well, think again! Discover Boating is the perfect online resource to help get you on the water to experience the fun of boating.   Family fun on the water. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, 142 million Americans (adults and children) go boating each year. There is nothing more fun than getting the family together and out on the water! This is can be done locally or even while on vacation with the help of Discover Boating. You wouldn’t imagine all the different places where boating is possible. We normally associate riding on a boat with being on the coast or near a beach, but there are endless opportunities of where you can enjoy boating. We learned all about this on our most recent family vacation.   While visiting Lake Lure, North Carolina, we did not just do the typical mountain adventuring. We rented a boat and were able to spend a day out on the water of Lake Lure. It was a fun sight-seeing adventure! All the kids and adults had a blast venturing out on the water for the day. So what all is there to do while out on the water with the family? What all can one do while out on the water? There is so much one can do while spending the day out on the water. Water sports are fun for those physically able. These activities include: tubing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and wakesurfing. If water sports are not an option, fishing is always a lot of fun! We love to go fishing! We unfortunately weren’t able to fit in fishing while out on Lake Lure. Instead, we got some great sight seeing in as well as some pit stop swimming. Found a little beachy area and tied down the boat while the kids got a chance to swim for a bit. Nothing is more fun than eating those packed lunches while hanging out on the boat, surrounded by water and the beautiful scenery! Did I mention it is a great way to get those little ones to nap? Just something about the sound of the water and the relaxing movement of the boat across the water. If I were to be completely honest here, I could have napped right along side them. It is all about Discover Boating. Leave the planning and figuring out to Discover Boating. They are your perfect resource in trying to figure out what boats are available for renting and where. You will find all of the following while visiting Discover Boating online: Go Boating Today tool:  Find local boat rentals, clubs and more near you! Boat Selector tool: Curious about owning a boat? Find what type of boat fits your lifestyle and budget. Video Vault Explore video content about the boating lifestyle with how to videos, boating basics and more. Youth Boating Programs: Find programs close to home and the right fit for your child. Boat Loan Calculator: Calculate what it might cost to finance a boat. Some entry-level boats can be financed for less than $250 a month. If you are either interested in renting a boat or even purchasing a boat, Discover Boating is here to help!