Blowing Bubbles Made Easy

Blowing Bubbles Made Easy
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Blowing bubbles is an activity that will never get old. As soon as my kids see any sort of container full of blowing bubble goodness, they lose it a little. A little? Actually a lot…including screaming for them as if they are the only way they can survive the day.  Blowing bubbles can be a lot of fun, but can also be completely messy and aggravating.

How does blowing bubbles cause aggravation? Well it all begins when my kids begin having issues getting the bubbles to form from the itty bitty wands that come with the container of bubble solution. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell them to make sure the wand is completely submerged in the solution, blow slow and not so hard. They will have a problem getting the bubble to form every single time. You know what follows……meltdowns. There is simply no time for meltdowns during a fun session of bubble blowing!

I have found a much easier method to blowing bubbles that is not only super simple, but eliminates aggravation-mom win! Instead of running to the store for a bubble solution, you can make your own from things available at your house. Another win in my books-not having to drag any small children out into the store! Taking a small plastic container, I mixed water and Dawn….yep, that is it! I even let the kids measure out the water and Dawn. Once we had our bubble solution made, it was on to making our blowers. Note: these blowers will only last for a little bit, as the cardboard will eventually get soggy.

For the bubble blowers, I had my daughter cut an empty paper towel roll in half. You could also just use an empty toilet paper roll as well to skip the whole cutting part. My daughter just has a love for cutting. Side note: I found her cutting her barbie doll’s hair in the bathroom today! At least it wasn’t her own, right?! Ok, back to the bubble blowing….once you have your bubble blowers ready, have the kids dip them into the solution, and blow away! Your kids and you (honestly!) will be amazed at how easy and well these bubbles form. They also can get pretty big! Bubble blowing has never been so much fun for my kids.

I hope your kids enjoy this bubble blowing activity as much as we did! Happy bubble blowing!

Ingredients for Bubble Solution:

1/4 cup Dawn Dish Soap
1 3/4 cups water

Paper towel/toilet paper roll

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