Best Way to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary

Best Way to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary
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This post is sponsored by Zynga, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Our family is always looking for ways to have fun, whether it be going to the park or playing a game. Majority of the games I buy are for just the fun component, but I do love to throw in some educational games in the mix. Memory games, problem solving and logic games have been great for my kids. What about building their vocabulary. Well, there is a new game in town that is worth checking into, and that would be Zynga Words With Friends 2.

Words With Friends 2 is the ultimate mobile game for getting my kids’ minds rolling in terms of their vocabulary. What kid doesn’t love to be on any mobile device? WWF2 has been great for my kids for many reasons.

Best Way to Build Your Child's Vocabulary

Words With Friends 2 makes spelling fun.

WWF2 brings back the fun when it comes to spelling. You can connect with others in your family with a fun one-on-one match up or even play against someone else across the world. Winning points along the way makes it even more fun and rewarding. My kids love a little friendly competition. Our family fun with WWF2 has us teaming up: girls against the boys. We will switch it up sometimes, with my son on my team and my oldest daughter on my husband’s team. So much fun!

Best Way to Build Your Child's Vocabulary

On the go learning.

What parent isn’t for learning on the go? Sure we can build our child’s vocabulary while sitting at home, but what about when we are commuting? WWF2 is the perfect game that can be played no matter where you are. It is so much fun for my kids to have a match up when we are in traffic or having to sit in waiting rooms. I even love playing WWF2 while waiting for my kids to finish up lessons or practices. It is going to be my best past time during carpool once school starts back up!

Best Way to Build Your Child's Vocabulary

Staying in touch with out of state family.

Having family who live out of state can be pretty difficult. It is hard to find the time to visit, especially during the school year. I love that Words With Friends 2 gives us all the chance to play a game with them, even when they are in a different state. My daughter is so excited about being able to play WWF2 with her aunts!

Best Way to Build Your Child's Vocabulary

A great way to connect with your child.

Some kids just don’t like to think about homework or doing anything that is ‘school-related’. I love that Words With Friends 2 makes spelling not only fun, but allows me to bond with my kids at the same time. Homework time in my house can be a battle. No one enjoys doing homework. It is then hard to bond with my kids during this time of the day. Now is the best time to connect and bond with our children in means of education. When they see that we are having fun with them while ‘learning’, they will develop a more positive outlook on education in general. WWF2 gives me this chance to bond and help build my kids’ vocabulary.

Best Way to Build Your Child's Vocabulary

Building your child’s vocabulary has never been as fun and easy as it is with Zynga Words With Friends 2 mobile game. Download now, and look for me if you want a fun match up with my kids and me! Look for us at Thesproutingminds!

How we build our vocabulary with Words With Friends 2:







Best Way to Build Your Child's Vocabulary


24 thoughts on “Best Way to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary”

  • It’s nice that these days there are so many games that help children form their vocabulary. When I was a child we used to read a lot to develop our vocabulary.

    • Yes! My daughter LOVES to read. This gives her a different means to practice spelling and building her vocabulary 🙂

  • I love this idea! My boys could play this with their grandmother who lives in another state. This would reinforce not only vocabulary building, but spelling and literacy.

  • I would never have thought to use Words with Friends as a vocabulary booster, but it is such a great idea! Kids love anything that resembles “games” rather than “learning”, and I am always looking for new ways to keep mine interested. My husband already plays this, so we will have to set the girls up with their own so they can play together!

    • My kids love technology, but usually just to play games. I figured this would be a great game that would educate at the same time. Plus, we could all play together. It is so much fun!

    • It is a lot like playing scrabble! We have so much fun playing this game. My family keeps me on my toes with playing my next word haha!

  • What a great idea ! I play it but I never thought to use it to help my daughter build her vocabulary! We definitely use it to have fun. With family members that are far away. Thank you so much for these

  • This looks like it is such a great way to help kids learn. My kids love electronics so this would be perfect.

  • Glad that I have picked up few tips from this post. It is also great way to bonding within family. Love that you can also use phone to learn since kids these days are so addicted to phone.

    • Technology has been a pull and tug thing these days, with the screen time-kids. I am so glad to have an app that is a great way to educate!

  • This looks like an ideal app indeed. It definitely promotes learning by way of spelling and English! Looks great

    • I couldn’t agree more! It has definitely made learning to spell more fun for my daughter. Plus, increases my vocabulary as well!

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