Best of Black Friday Sales

Spread the loveIt is no joke when it comes to Black Friday and those sale prices! I have always been wishy-washy when it comes to joining others in the Black Friday madness. I realized those sale prices were worth the pushing and standing in line after having kids. What is even better now is how you can get those same great deals online as well! Here is my round-up of some of the great deals going on next week. Some of the best of Black Friday. Walmart Accessories: Time & Tru Have you seen all the amazing upgrades to Walmart lately, including the fashion items? They have seriously upped their game, and I am here for it! You can never go wrong with gifting accessories, especially any of these.       Women’s Clothing: Time & Tru As with the accessories, the clothing is pretty awesome. I now catch myself taking a stroll through the clothing section when I am at Walmart for groceries. Who can blame me? These are only a few things that would make for a great gift, even for yourself 😉     Kate Spade Black Friday Deal! I love gifting a great purse when the opportunity is open. Well, Kate Spade is making it easier for us to do so this year! With up to 75% off and free shipping from 11/2-12/3, who wouldn’t want to snag one of these?   Nordstrom Rack Black Friday Steals. I didn’t realize how much I loved Nordstrom Rack until we got one in Baton Rouge. Y’all, fabulous stuff for such a great price. Well known brands for practically nothing when compared to the original pricing. Check out these great deals starting next week! 50% off clearance items (11/27 at 9pm PST- 11/29 midnight PST) 30% off clearance items (11/30 – 12/2) Spend and Get (11/27 – 12/2): Spend $100 Get $20, Spend $150 Get $30, Spend $250 Get $75 Here are a few great gift ideas: blankets and cozy coats.     Can’t forget about those kids’ gifts. Of course, I had to include some great deals on kids’ gifts. I have included both Pre-Black Friday Sale items as well as those sales for Black Friday. I am all about it all, before and after! Nothing like planning ahead when it comes to Black Friday. I am all about planning ahead, and Black Friday is one of the best times to do this! Have those items you want to snag as well as an idea of where they will be located in the store (if you plan not to shop online). Planning all of this out will make your shopping experience much more enjoyable, believe me! Happy holidays!