Advantages of Movie Tavern: Movie Premieres

Spread the loveI don’t know if you all have heard of Movie Tavern, but we are all about it! It wouldn’t be right for me not to share with all of you what Movie Tavern has to offer. It takes the entire theatre experience to the next level: think dinner and movie in comfort. Here is what you need to know about Movie Tavern and what to expect for those family fun movie premiere showings! Movie Tavern is the next best thing to movie theaters. If you did not catch my last post about Movie Tavern (here), then let me fill you in now. Movie Tavern is a chain of threatres by Marcus Theatres. It adds comfort with DreamLounger recliner seating and premium-quality food and beverage options. Can I just say win?! My kids LOVE going to Movie Tavern. The family movie premieres are an added bonus to all the offerings of Movie Tavern. Family fun & movie premiere parties. Not only does Movie Tavern make it easy for us moms to bring our kids to the movies by making the seats comfy and providing delicious food and drinks at the push of a button, but also by creating parties that add fun to the movie watching experience. Our local Movie Tavern at Juban Crossing has premiere parties for certain family-friendly movies. The last one we attended was the premiere of Frozen 2. You know what? My kids could not wait to watch the movie after attending the party!   Frozen 2 movie showing party. We were already excited about watching Frozen 2, and the party before the showing had us over the top excited! The movie premiere parties at the Movie Tavern at Juban Crossing always includes some sort of craft (or 2) that goes along with the movie. For the Frozen 2 movie premiere party, the kids colored Frozen 2 character sheets, made snowflakes from coffee filters, as well as created a Olaf bag that was used to fill with buttered popcorn. Yep! All of that before going to see the movie and for free! There was a surprise at this movie premiere party: the Frozen sisters themselves showed up! Kids and parents were able to take pictures with both Elsa and Anna. The look on all the kids’ faces made for the entire movie premiere. Talk about a magical family experience! Check out your local Movie Tavern for more! I am hoping you all g0t a full understanding of why I had to share Movie Tavern with all of you! It is our number one choice of movie watching, especially for some of those family-friendly movie premieres. Check out what all your local Movie Tavern has to offer by finding them on Facebook. For all of you around the Baton Rouge area, the Movie Tavern at Juban Crossing is a must visit. Find them on Facebook to follow along for all those fun family-oriented activities!