5 Ways to Prepare for a Different Birth Plan: C-Section

5 Ways to Prepare for a Different Birth Plan: C-Section
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This post is sponsored by Evivo, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have to deliver my first born different from what I had planned. My pregnancy had been overall pretty good, minus my extreme swollen body. A vaginal delivery was all I had planned. Why would I need a c-section? Well, I learned really quick that those birth plans can change. Here are 5 ways to prepare yourself if that were to be the case.

I had a plan.

I am a Type A person and have a plan for everything. This wasn’t any different when I thought about my birth plan. I consider myself a reasonably healthy person. Having a baby vaginally shouldn’t be an issue. My Type A personality was sent for a spin on the day I delivered my first born.

5 Ways to Prepare for a Different Birth Plan: a C-Section

Induction was not necessary on the day my daughter was born. In fact, I went into labor with all 3 of my kids. After being in labor for over 12 hours with no change in cervix dilation, I was rushed to an emergency c-section. Not having planned this, I was so terrified! Here are the 5 things I learned that day that made my next 2 ‘planned’ sections a breeze.

Stay open minded.

You must, repeat, must stay open minded. I would have never thought I would need a c-section. Come to find out, my uterus is shaped in a way that prevents my children from fitting into the lower half. So they basically get ‘stuck’. Not saying you cannot have a well-planned birth plan. Just take into account that life happens no matter how we have it planned. 5 Ways to Prepare for a Different Birth Plan: a C-Section

Pack those hospital bags for different outcomes: a C-Section

The main difference between a vaginal deliver and a c-section besides the exiting of the baby itself is postnatal care. You are unable to do ANYTHING for a while after delivery due to having an epidural, all the pain medication, and the incision that is now present on the lowest part of your abdomen.

Pack things that will make self care a breeze: dry shampoo, micellar cleansing water face wash or face cleansing pads. You will be required to get up and walk around once your pain level has been regulated and the effects of the epidural are out of your system. Comfortable slip-ons are perfect for this. Make sure to have shoes/slippers that have a non-slip base. 5 Ways to Prepare for a Different Birth Plan: a C-Section


Yes, you will still need those gigantic pads for all that comes after having a baby. C-section mother’s are not omitted from this passage. Along with the gigantic pads, high waist support panties are a plus! It will be quite impossible to wear bikini or regular waist underwear after a c-section due to the location of the incision. Having your panties both high waist and supporting gives those with a c-section extra comfort.

A small pillow is another great thing to pack in those bags. Coughing and laughing can be painful after a c-section. By placing a small pillow against the incision during a coughing or laughing episode will put the right amount of pressure on the incision to keep from feeling like your stitches are about to pop.

Planning for the health of your newborn.

So much planning comes before bringing your newborn into the world, including thoughts of how you are going to feed that new addition. No matter how you plan to feed your newborn, your main concern is his/her well-being. If you are planning on formula feeding, you must have those bottles and formula ready to go. Breastfeeding mothers need to make sure they have all the essentials for successfully nursing. 5 Ways to Prepare for a Different Birth Plan: a C-Section

A great nursing pillow is a plus, no matter how you choose to feed your newborn. It is difficult to turn and hold that newborn after a c-section. A nursing pillow will provide the extra support during feeding time. 

Supplementing with Evivo.

Research has now shown that babies who are vaginally born receive important bacteria from their mothers that will aid in digestion. What is also added to this research is that a mother pooping during delivery is actually a healthy means of transferring ‘good’ bacteria to the baby. I was so scared about pooping during delivery when I was planning my first born’s delivery. Who would have thought there were benefits to pooping during labor?

A healthy digestion system is extremely important, especially for a newborn who is having to feed ‘on its own’ after being born. What about those who are born via c-section?

Babies born via c-section are not necessarily unhealthy compared to those born vaginally, simply don’t receive the bonus of extra ‘good’ bacteria. This ‘good’ bacteria is developed naturally during each and every feeding the newborn has as well as being apart of the outside environment. Think of this ‘good’ bacteria as probiotics. We know all about the great things probiotics can do for our digestion system and health!

5 Ways to Prepare for a Different Birth Plan: a C-Section

Thank goodness there is now a supplement of ‘good’ bacteria available for newborns, Evivo.

Evivo is a once a day baby probiotic that intends to restore a baby’s gut with the ‘good’ bacteria it needs to thrive. Evivo is clinically proven to restore B. infantis, a beneficial bacteria. It is responsible for strengthening a baby’s immune system and metabolic function, which can in turn reduce the potentially harmful bacteria that is linked to colic, eczema, diabetes, and allergies!

5 Ways to Prepare for a Different Birth Plan: a C-Section

Evivo is that perfect supplement for both vaginally and c-section delivered babies.

Enjoy every moment.

No matter how your birth plan ends, remember we are all mothers bringing a new life into this world. We all want the best for our babies. Let’s support each other on raising these beautiful babies.

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5 Ways to Prepare for a Different Birth Plan: a C-Section

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