5 Activities for a Toddler Date

5 Activities for a Toddler Date
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Valentine’s Day is officially here and love is in the air. Well more like a tad bit humidity here in Louisiana, but you get the idea 🙂 I love celebrating this day with my kids! Now that my older two children are in school, I had to find some way to celebrate it with my toddler. I came up with 5 different toddler activities to make it a fun Valentine’s Toddler Date 🙂

Food is where it is at with toddlers.

My sweet Chloe loves to eat. She gets it honest 😉 I wanted to make her snack/breakfast food different for our Toddler Date. I made fun heart shaped mini pancakes and had a side of blueberries, her favorite! These pancakes are super easy! I had a small cookie cutter ready to go and cut out the shape from already cooked pancakes.

Fun and interactive game.

Toddlers love games! Chloe is all about anything that requires interaction. I came up with a different version of the well-known pick up sticks game using these small pillow hearts! I grabbed these at Target for only $1 #targetwinsagain. These were easy for her to grab and she had so much fun picking them up and throwing them back down. You could even cut out different shapes from a felt sheet. I promise, they don’t care what shape it is.

Arts and craft on a toddler’s level.

There are so many ways your toddler can have fun with arts and crafts. If you are looking for an easy way to get your toddler involved in an arts and crafts activity, have them place any type of cut out shape onto an area designated for it. I went with the heart emoji face. Who doesn’t love the heart emoji face?! This craft was put together in less than 5 minutes and only required construction paper, a glue stick, and scissors. I precut all the shapes and had her put the ‘eyes’ onto the face. She giggled every time she put the hearts on the ‘eye’ area.

Pretend play is where it is at.

Pretend play, one of the best activities you can do with your toddler. Their world is full of imagination and to have you involved in it takes it to a even greater level. We opted for a tea party with Miss Flower. I probably had as much fun as her sipping my ‘tea’ from the little tea cups. You can never go wrong with pretend play when involving your toddler or Miss Flower in our case.

Reading at their level.

Reading. I love the task of reading with all my children. It is a moment where you are separating yourself from the world and engaging in one-on-one time with your child. You know it, your child knows it. I love to get ‘on their level’ when it comes to our reading time. What does that mean? It means to get on the floor with them, lay next to them in the bed, snuggle up with them as you read. Nothing more enjoyable than these moments.

Miss Chloe and I spent the day off right with our heart-shaped pancakes and our tea party. Planning a Toddler Date is simply that easy! All it requires you to do is step away from the confinements of the busy world around you and put yourself into their world. They know it when you have arrived.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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