3 Step Chocolate Covered Strawberries Perfect for Easter

Spread the loveIt is already starting to feel like spring with all the spring and Easter decor out and about. The weather here in Louisiana is also hitting a few warmer weather spurts, making outside play time amazing! With the beautiful weather has also come kindergarten field trips. Our most recent one had us making these easy, 3 step chocolate covered strawberries..yummmm! Strawberry pickin’ at its finest. My son’s kindergarten class took a field trip at one of the local strawberry patch farms, Liuzza Land. This is just one of the many perks of living in Louisiana 🙂 Liuzza Land did not disappoint! We had the opportunity to feed goats, ride on a carriage ride, slide down a tunnel slide that went straight through a hill, and even got to pick our own strawberries! Picking our own strawberries was most definitely the main highlight of the field trip, minus the silly goats 😉 Normally, we go and grab a container of strawberries at the local grocery store and bring them straight home to consume. We love our strawberries in this household! Of course we all know that they are grown on some farm somewhere, but to actually be the ‘farmer’ to pick the strawberries was such a neat experience. My son was able to take part of what happens on the other side of the growing and harvesting of strawberries during his field trip. As we ran down the trench between two rows of strawberry plants, his eyes widened with excitement at the site of every.single.red.strawberry. How much fun we had! Then it was time to go and bring all those delicious, hand-picked strawberries home. We started washing and slicing them, consuming them like we hadn’t ever eaten strawberries before. My oldest, who is a huge fan of all things chocolate, had the greatest idea: chocolate covered strawberries! I could not turn down such an awesome idea 😉 So to the store we went to grab items for the easiest and quickest chocolate covered strawberries. Hey, time is critical when you got lots of little ones running around and chocolate is involved. Chocolate Strawberries made easy I know, I know. There are lots of recipes out there on how to make chocolate covered strawberries, but I wanted to share what exactly we did and how fast and easy it was! I had these done in no time and ready for homework snack-time. Pastel colored sprinkles were added to give these chocolate covered strawberries a springy-Easter feel. I could have gone with white chocolate, but my kids have a love for ‘regular’ colored chocolate if you know what I mean, haha! Items Needed: washed and dried fresh strawberries (14-16 strawberries/baking bar) Baker’s Premium Baking Bar (we used semi-chocolate for this recipe, but there are many other options!) Wilton pastel colored sprinkles parchment paper or wax paper 1. First wash and carefully dry the strawberries; leave the green tops on to make for an easier dipping! 2. Melt the baking bar according to box: broke up the bar into a microwave-safe bowl and first microwaved for 30 seconds, followed by 10 second intervals; make sure to stir in between each interval to prevent the chocolate from burning 3. Dip each strawberry into the melted chocolate, place on parchment paper or wax paper, and sprinkle with the colored sprinkles. Allow for the chocolate to harden, about 5 minutes. You can speed up the process by placing them into the fridge 😉 Store the chocolate-dipped strawberries in the fridge for about 3-4 days, depending on how fresh the strawberries were. Take it from me, I doubt they will make it very long before they are all gone! Enjoy!