3 Easy Steps to Constructing a Volcano

3 Easy Steps to Constructing a Volcano
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My kids have been all about volcanoes lately…lava, designing them, and making them erupt. There is nothing better than watching your child be excited about something educational! In this activity, your child will use his/her own creativity to design a very unique volcano.

Constructing a volcano couldn’t be any easier. Allow your child to choose exactly how they want to design their volcano, may it be brown, green or even pink! My kids decided to stick with two different shades of brown air drying modeling clay. The air drying modeling clay does take a while to set, usually anywhere between 24-72 hours. We did not wait the entire setting time. My kids were anxious to get started haha If you have basic modeling clay or play dough on hand, you can use that!

Items Needed:

Plastic Solo Cup
Air drying clay, play dough, or any other type of modeling clay
Paper plate
Accessories your child may want to decorate the volcano with

Now, on to construction! First decide on the height of your volcano. Trim your plastic cup according to the height you decide on. You will also need to cut an opening at the bottom of the cup. Depending on the age of your child, you may have to complete this step for them.

Next, place the cup on the paper plate with the bottom of the cup facing up. This will be the opening of the volcano. Let the creativity begin! Have your child mold the clay around the plastic cup to form a volcano. We found it easier to roll the clay out before pressing it onto the cup. My daughter decided to make the opening of the volcano look like a flower 🙂

If your child wants to add even more fun, check out how we made an erupting volcano in this activity!

Erupting Volcano Made Easy Activity

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