The Sprouting Minds: Kids and Momlife

The Sprouting Minds: Kids and Momlife

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When becoming a mother, I had no clue how much it really entailed. From long nights to a love in-explainable, there is nothing else like being a parent. The Sprouting Minds takes this into account, bringing you all things to help you through this wild ride.

The Sprouting Minds: Kids and Momlife


Arts and crafts are a great pass time for those with kids. There is nothing better than to have your kids using their imagination and engaging with creativity. Planning an arts and crafts project for your kids does not have to be complicating. Majority of the time, placing plain paper, crayons, and markers in front of them is just enough.

Arts and Crafts

If you are looking for a more themed arts and craft project for your kids, then I have you covered. These are a few of our favorite crafts that we have done in the pass. We continue to do them from time to time. Some of these crafts only require items that you can find on hand at your home. If there are any items that you don’t have in stock, you can easily grab them at your local Dollar Tree, Walmart, or Target. I have a Michael’s right down the road from my house. Stopping by there is worth it at times, especially when I have a coupon on hand!

Planning Arts & Crafts Projects for kids.

When you are planning an arts and crafts project for your kids, you need to remember that this project is all about them. Fight any urge to keep things neat and tidy. Let them enjoy this time to be carefree and let their creativity flow. It can be more stressful for all if we try and clean the entire time they are working with glitter. There will be time later to clean up the mess, I promise 😉

Arts and Crafts

Another great tip when it comes to putting together a special craft time for your kids is to have a designated area for where these projects will occur. This will make things easier on all when it comes to keeping things organized and minimizes the chaos during clean up time.

The Sprouting Minds: Kids and Momlife

I hope you all enjoy these favorite posts and don’t forget to check out the main site for more helpful posts on kid-approved recipes, motherhood motivation, party ideas, and home decor tips!


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